Anime FX Monthlies

Where in the hell do you see a bigger demand for IaMP? Shazay is the newest player to our small circle of IaMP players, and that just brings the number up to 4. 5 Including Boleslaw.

EFZ on the other hand, loses Shazay but gains more players, Brian and his friends. EFZ that shit, I’m not gonna have wasted time practicing THIS and not Slash for nothing.

Hamster FRC FTW. Me and my little loli princess are taking at last top 3, lol.

Dan whats our team name for GG?!?!?! Your my partner, Sol and Axl FTW.

A lot of other random people play IaMP as well. Nobody has said anything about EFZ, only IaMP.

aww man Axl and sol… damn… i like HOS even if he is the low teir as everyone says he is… he’s too badass not to like… to hell with Sol lol…

if someone offers me advice on Hukoto no Ken… ill be glad to listen… i just need to know if there’s an axl type charcter in that game…

Wait…GG Slash is 2v2 now…??? When did that happen???

Happened earlier this week. There was an overall demand for it… given there are 2 other MD tournaments in May just doing standard 1v1 tournaments, we needed to do something different. So we are running teams.

There is no Axl character in HnK. There really aren’t any run-away characters either, other than maybe Mamiya. HnK is not GG.

Are “a lot of other people” good at Touhou? Because if thats the case, we should just change it from EFZ to IaMP, IaMP is far more interesting a game and thusforth people will stop and stare, like at the AnimeFX tourney.

hey i know…just wanna the info…I know it’s not GG… so had to ask if their was any keep away charcters… that’s cool i still try it out since GNT 4 and tekken DR took last time…

Yeah everyone else rushes down. Mamiya can at least try to run away because she has a lot of projectiles.

I dunno about other IaMP players, I don’t think there’s anyone else good on the EC besides me (Not sure about NY/NJ though, but I don’t think any of them are really good). But you can almost say the same thing about EFZ.

team tourneys are nice and all but who decided that this would be somehow a better alternative than what was originally planned, which would be a real ranbat, with continually updated rankings on newchallenger ( keep in mind we will eventually be doing more than one event like this in the span of a month…i only say this so people will try and realize the potential scope of this ), and was pretty much going to try and mimic what KSK’s GamerVision does down to the little details? why is a 2v2 tourney somehow a better idea? i’m not knocking it, i just want to know how people wanted this to be done and if it was planned out in such a way that newchallenger can support it in the same way as the 3s and SSMB Melee ranbats then i’d like to know ahead of time.

Team tournament > Singles. That’s about it. Nobody that I’ve talked to really considered the Ranbat thing important for GG. GG is a game where EVERYONE talks about running teams all the time, but nobody ever does (time restrictions, too much focus put on singles), so we decided that, because there are 5 other tournaments in May, that we could be the one that runs Slash as teams instead. We’ll see how it goes at the tournament… if people like it, then we’ll do teams again. If not, we’ll go back to singles.

Even though I love GG I’m complete ass in it so to me it’s whatever. I won’t even be able to make it to the Slash tournament. My bro will be able to participate but I’m working till 3:00 on that Sat so I won’t get there till the 3rd Strike tournament. Which is the only tournament I care about winning and the only one I have a chance of winning. Last time I got 2nd place but that’s only because out of the 16 people that showed…less than half were real…competitive. So that plus the remaining people fighting my Ibuki for the first time meant, I pretty much sailed to the finals of the tournament. If Grant is coming again this time I’m sure we’ll have some good matches now that he’s become a bit more situated with my Ibuki. This time hopefully Ben and the other 3S playing MC peepz will be down. Charles…just cuz you’re hosting doesn’t mean you can’t compete. :lol:

i like teams… but i wonder how this is going to affect the ranking stuff…

oh trust me, he will be competing… :wink:

team tourney sounds good for GG but the question remains, should it be ranked or unranked team tourney? unranked you’d prolly get more entries which translates to bigger pot, of course if its ranked teams that means that you’d have to keep the same partner over a series of events, which would be pretty tight actually for the serious players who’d definitely have to play with a SBO mentality…it depends. i guess it’s up to charles to make the final decision. regardless this should be tight…DJ I know for a fact Ben is going…fools in VA should start getting scared. :karate:

The claw is comming for you DevilJin, so you better… Watch out!


Yoooooooooooo if you can burn that game on a disc i’ll give you 25$ for it shit i’ll give you 30

Thing is an Atomiswave. No cd anywhere in that thing.

:lol: I needed that laugh fo sho. Thanks.

Yeah there won’t be any ranking on the Slash tournament at all because of the teams. So don’t worry about it, just show up with a buddy and have fun.

If you don’t have a partner, I’m sure there will be other people there looking for one as well. Also, if you decide you want to just enter by yourself, then you don’t get to play for yourself twice, you just get one shot.

I’m not actually sure HnK will be Round Robin at this point, because that game takes FOREVER as it is.

Bleh, I still need to find a partner. I’ll probably end up finding someone there at the last minute .___.;

is because you will have only one setup for HnK… i remeber seeing only one…

i heard so some naruto cats up in here… it’s all about team low teir…lol

why shazay so lonely? Find this man a partner!!!