- Enhancing the Tournament Experience

First off you came off as you were trolling his thread.

IMO you should of started your own thread before coming into burning’s thread and posting your stuff.

I didn’t know it was yours i actually thought you were just trolling his thread (like saying “His site sucks this is better” sort of, i’m sorry if i took it the wrong way though) i didn’t even look more than 5 seconds at your board.

I’m sorry alright, i didn’t mean to put down your site i’m sure it’s nice and all but it really didn’t belong here.

Good luck alright, Sry for the misunderstanding I’m sure if you put actual work in it at least someone will appreciate it but next time post it in your own thread or a melty blood thread.

All right, it’s cool. Sorry about going off like that.

Updated with a bunch of stuff, worth checking.

New Namco vs Capcom shots up and speed run updates for Baldurs Gate, Half Life: Opposing for and much more.

NEW FEATURE: Game Release Dates, I’ll be updating with future game release dates that will probably interest my readers, and with my subscription system you can be PMed or emailed when the game comes out.

Sorry for all these delays guys, been VERY busy in the past two days, here are some cool links and general site updates:

First off, be sure to check out the gaming news section, I’ll be putting up RSS feeds from all sorts of awesome gaming sites. First up is 4 color rebellion, more will join it shortly.

Anyone who likes sprites even slightly should check this Insert Credit article out, it’s all about Bead Sprites.

Those who know me know I’m a huge fan of pictochat drawing, low and behold there is a whole damn site about it and the DS: NDSart, some good stuff up, hopefully I can try to get some stuff on there soon.

YES, the redesign is coming…STOP USING IE AND SAFARI, they suck!

Click this link if you enjoy using the internet:

Get Firefox!

Um, no. Bellreisa’s post is relevant because the time he posted the web page had a very brief mention of Act Cadenza. Bell all did was to contribute by linking sites that have a lot more information on the game, especially Beast’s Lair and Moonlit World (BL’s parent site).

Now, if you want to throw fingers about trolling and/or spamming on other sites, you can actually start with burningfist. I am sure he means no evil, but I consider posting and promoting your own site on other forums to be rather rude. He did the same thing in ER. Nothing against burningfist. His site is very good, but I just don’t agree with the approach he sometimes takes; there is nothing wrong with people going to Video Opera.

Oh, and burningfist, Safari is actually pretty good. Apple has managed to do something extraordinairy in enhancing KHTML the way they have done it, and remember that one of their lead developers is David Hyatt, one of the persons that started mozilla/browser with Blake Ross (m/b is what eventually became Firefox).

Now for some constructive criticism:

  1. If you are advocating Firefox so much you could as well make sure that your web page is standards compliant, since at the end, one of Firefox’s main strengths is that the Gecko rendering engine is one of the most compliants out there. You got plenty errors in your code:

  1. Direct linking is considered to be very rude, since pretty much you are using someone else’s bandwidth to provide your content. If you are going to direct link, make sure you ask perimission, and if not, you can always say what is available on their site update and you can provide a link to the page where the matches are (especific example, Media Update 55). Related to this, if you are going to host images or things like that, make sure you have permission to do so (especifically, the Namco x Capcom captures).

  2. Personally, I think that using the character icons makes the web page hard to read. First, the icons are of different size than the text, making the text flow irregularly. Second, not all the icons are of the same size, making the problem even worse. Third, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish some characters from the drawing, especially those coming from 3D games.

I personally just think VO isn’t that great anymore, I remember when it was the best source for video info and had some great high level strats. I respect VO but I think it gets entirely too many hits.

Safari is cool, it just fucks up my site for no apparent reason.

Yeah, I know, honestly I’ve been working on the redesign. Most of those coding problems are unrelated to my work however, it’s mostly Xoops specific coding problems.

Direct linking videos is a little rude, I agree, but I believe those who would put these videos out would prefer it reach the masses rather than not getting noticed at all. I remind you GFB direct links constantly and no one seems to think twice about it. The captures for Namco vs. Capcom are all credited, I just put them up because I think people might be interested. Trust me, I’m not trying to step on anyones toes.

Sometimes I figure they make the page harder to read, but in alot of ways I think they spice up the overall look, most of the icons are the same size, Hugo can be a problem, but I think it’s really not that bad. I agree the text flow is an issue, the next redesign has alot of this fixed by simply making the viewable areas larger. As for having a hard time distinguishing character s, I think those coming for 3D game updates should be able to tell who is in the match by those icons. I’d appreciate if you can tell me which ones are giving you trouble however as I’d like to fix the problem.

I love this feedback, thanks ManofMana. :karate:

haha, you talk about people getting angry due to ‘stealing traffic’, and you talk shit on video-opera.

good job.

and it sure looks uh. ‘new’ to me.

keep it up.

I assure you, no disrespect to Video-Opera, but you guys don’t work even close to as hard on your site as I do on mine. Can you blame me for being a little pissed you get 7 times the hits I do?

The new design is getting it’s final touches and will be up very soon.

In the meantime, check this out:

Lets you customize Asuka in flash so you can decide what you want in Tekken 5. I personally like school girl outfit with long hair, red shirt, black skirt and red socks.

You cannot expect to get the number of hits of video opera all of a sudden, do you?

Honestly, if you are looking to get hits, make it so because people spread the word about your site instead of spamming other places. I already said what I think about it in a previous post, so no need to repeat it again.

Nah, just trying my hardest, along the way I ended up putting VO down, nothing against the authors or the readers I just miss the old VO days.

Spamming isn’t really a good word for it in my opinion, I’m not trying to make people go to my site for no good reason or to help me in King of Chaos or something, I’m advertising a useful site to a group that may never see something like it. ER was more of a “I’m want to have tournaments for MB” sorta deal, didn’t seem like people were interested though. :sad:

And btw, I’ve stoppped direct linking unless GFB does, and even then only on Japanese sites people may have a hard time navigating.

Well, Melty Blood competition is not mature enough to have formal tournaments. Actually, I don’t think there is a real Melty Blood scene yet. Besides, most ER players are getting more into Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power.

I think the biggest hope is to wait for Act Cadenza, assuming it will be decently good.

No reason to talk shit on the site you got your idea from. If there was no video-opera, there would be no

BTW, the reason VO doesn’t get much love is because I’m putting all my effort into When I wanted to close the site, LB said he would take over doing the updates. It was a cool gesture, and it’s why the site even exists today.

Sure, your updates are good, and you put a lot of work into it. I can respect that. You should at least have some tidbit of respect for the original.

The majority of ER is based on the WC now, now that I’ve moved back. The only EC people I’m aware of are you, MChibi, Zaelar, Gwyrgyn, and B-Rav (who sorta dropped off after NoVA). There’s also sort of a Singapore contigent. It’d be sorta difficult to have a MBR tourney when you’re based out of Maryland… I assure you it’s not because of lack of interest.

Why does GFB news seems to be forgotten all of a sudden?

Burning dont you copy some of my news? Which is ok but at least you can put a link to my news page telling peeps where you get the match news.

Also the original og news site is/was Endless Fight not VO.

i think its pretty whack how gfb direct links to every site that they post up, but whatever. i dont see how you can call people out for copying your news seeing as how you direct link, sooo…yeah.

Why can’t you guys just collaborate on one site? Not enough Indians?


Some sites email me saying not to direct link so I respect them and dont. Besides I do put the link to the sites. There in white text if you haven’t notice. What does direct linking have to do with anything? Fetching the links is what im saying. Looking at tons of sites to see if they got anything new. That what I’m talkin about.

I’m sorry to say it MJ, but I don’t know how else to format news, I try my damndest not to steal your links, I don’t take your forum or bit torrent links. You’re asking me to play by rules that don’t make any sense. MJ, thanks for speaking out about Endless Fight, I remember when my Tournament Fighter video was posted on there, still one of the coolest things to happen to me online. Someone found my site and brought it to the forefront, that’s why I do what I do, to inform.

Much respect to everyone, I don’t hate any of you guys, you work hard to keep the community informed and for that you deserve some respect.