- Enhancing the Tournament Experience

wow, that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

do you even know when vidop was started? how it was in it’s glory days?

haha, why don’t you mention SRK, where they aren’t doing “work close to as hard as your site”, but still get 2000 times the hits you do?

cannons put in 2 million times the work you put in to get here, and i assure you TONS of people collaborated with tons of effort to make vidop to at least get to where it is. vidop isn’t even getting a fraction of hits they used to get, but of course, things like that doesn’t mean anything to you.

and sorry, i’m not doing video-opera updates to get hits. i wasn’t even one of the guys who started video-opera. i used to visit everyday, get really good links and really technical informations on the forums not available on srk forums (too bad it died). i just wanted to give back to the community, so i said i’ll update.

seems like you only care for commercial, seeing how you already post links on srk with ads. haha.

whatever, keep up your good work with direct-links.

I got to say that without burning making a thread about his site, I would of never visited NC. I have been looking for some Capcom vs. SNK2 vids for a long time, and I FINALLY find a site that has a shitload. I will def be downloading the vids. Props to burning. Although, I have been trying to register on your site man, but it keeps rejecting me, the fuck is up with that.

You can see it how you want man, I’m not trying to start a flame war; but if you even read my posts you’d see I stopped direct linking, check the site even.

Glad to see you enjoy the site man, if you wanna help me out, check out some of my links and rate them after you sign up.

As for the registration problem try fiddling with/disabling your Firewall, for some reason sometimes the login system has a problem with them. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this actually?

Is that the only thing you took away from all he said??

Here I’ll give you some constructive criticism:

I took one look at your site and it reminded me of gaia. There’s chibis friggin smothered all over the place. Are they cool and cute? Sure. Do they belong all over a professional site? I don’t think so.

If you want hits, provide good content. People will go if it’s good. If it sucks, well you’re just wasting your time.

Presentation is KEY. I know you said you’re working on a new layout. Clean and simple is always better. You know what I LOVE about vidop? The recent headlines module. With one short glance, I can check to see if there are any updates that interest me.

Stop whoring out your site. People know it’s there. You’re on the first page of the FGD forum seen by thousands of people a day. Plus, there’s simply no excuse for talking shit about other sites while trying to promote your own.

Make your site IE compatible. INTERNET EXPLORER IS THE STANDARD. If it doesn’t even work with IE, then shit, that means over half the people can’t browse your site. IE is much more lenient than any other browser so if it’s got problems with IE, it’s not IE, it’s your site. Is FF a good browser? Sure it is. Does it come with windows? No. Tough luck.

Direct linking (to videos) is HORRIBLE INTERNET ETIQUETTE. It takes away from the time and money spent on the site, the time to make the video and just from the person’s hard work. Not to mention, you’re stealing intellectual property. Do most people understand? No. But now you do. So stop direct linking unless you have permission. There’s simply no excuse. Why do you think sites like albinoblacksheep go to great lengths to stop people from direct linking? Cuz it’s doing nothing except stealing their bandwidth.

Happy site building.

And this is where I disagree. If the page is semantically structured, has a correct syntax according to the DTD specified in the file, and the CSS rules are part of the specification, the fault is the browser’s.

Reality is that Internet Explorer was good four years ago. It doesn’t matter how popular it is, if a browser nowadays doesn’t support :hover outside of links, doesn’t support position: absolute, cannot handle floating elements correctly, doesn’t support PNG transparency (even less alpha channels), and I can go and on, the browser is crap by today’s standards, period.

One of the worse consequences of Browser Wars I is that developers got used to the “designing for a browser’s quirk mode” approach. Developers should worry about creating the content, and browser makers should worry about supporting the content’s formatting rules (not hacks) as it is supposed to be. It’s just like programming - since when can you ship programs with syntactic and structural errors?. Browser Wars II will not be about Firefox vs. IE, it will be about standards (supported by Firefox/Opera/Safari/etc) vs. quirk-mode oriented web page design.

Yeah, I know IE has a little less than 90% of the market, but it is going down. I think it is still important to have web pages that can degrade decently considering IE’s limitations, but I wouldn’t go as far as to “fix it for IE”. More likely than not that would mean “break it for IE”. Doing that would just lead to a trap with a lot of headaches. If burningfist cleans up his code (as I mentioned before, it doesn’t validate), I think allowing the page degrade decently on IE is possible.

So that’s my web page design rant of the day. Speaking of, I should finish cursing IE for getting so much in the way when creating my new site design :wink:

Yeah, I respect the guy, he does what I do and I feel I wasn’t right to put down Video Opera, can I say I’m sorry?

Give me some time, those are just the first step in an idea I’ve been working on for about 2 weeks.

Right on the head, next design is MUCH simpler and has alot more space, I saw this was a problem right after people started complaining about text alignment.

…I did stop direct linking…for the third time I’ll say that. Next version works with IE as well as Safari so that’ll no longer be an issue. I do appreciate the feedback Drew, but it’s the same stuff over and over people keep telling me, I’m working hard to fix this stuff and to make NC the best site I can.

Thank you, people should listen to ManofMana, he’s hit the nail on the head. Anyone who uses my site should try Firefox, in fact if you need a link there is one on my site, just scroll down to the menu and click it if you are in IE.

this site is the shit

Thought I’d remind people that people that organize tournaments can come to me for image hosting or for advertising, and damn if I didn’t just finish the Photo Uploading tutorial, so here is a link:

How to upload an image.

Those who don’t know btw, my site has so many links now the search feature is like a gaming google of sorts, you should check it out if you are looking for sprites/fan art/music or just speed run/match video/combo video footage.

Sorry about that, since my family split I hadn’t seen my dad in about 6 months. Updates will resume.

Just posted a Namco vs. Capcom trailer and a few other vids, worth checking out.

Excellent. Ive been busy aswell, with personal issues (me not being in school mainly). I’ll be alot more active now bf.

Updated with the ablity to search the site for EVERYONE, registration isn’t required, but I still strongly recommend it to get access to the web links, and still without pop up ad’s, or advertisement of any sort really. I’m still wondering why all the MD/VA players haven’t made the switch. :rofl:

Oh, and information today on A GUNSTAR HEROES SEQUEL (plus screens).

You have a great site with many goodies and news, keep the good work :tup: (really great stuff)