NewChallenger.Net May 6th Monthly Results

SSMB Melee:

  1. PC Chris ( Fox )
  2. KM ( Marth )
  3. Chillin
  4. Kirbstir
  5. Aho
  6. Kaiser
  7. Greg
  8. Fonz
  9. Doll

Guilty Gear Slash 2v2 Tournament:
1st- Team Genshokyou: Medicine Melancholy (Sol), Gwyrgyn Blood (Pote)
2nd- The Gentlemen: ABA Adam (ABA), The Original Dan (Faust)
3rd?- Team Scabies: Dizzy Dan (Dizzy), Josh Leung (Chipp)
4th?- Team Turtles: Mr. Mamation (Ky), Guymelef (May)

Hokuto no Ken:
1st- Gwyrgyn Blood (Raoh)
2nd- Josh Leung (Raoh)
3rd- Iron Chef (Yuda)
4th- EDDIE LOPEZ (Mr. Heart)

As many of you already know 3s, Garou, EFZ, Naruto and CvS2 did not happen for various reasons. 3s will be ran on a later date with pot and bracket placings still in place when people figure things out, point rankings on the site will be assigned when the site is back up and I am assured that the site will be back up and running within the next 24 hours so please keep checking. Next ranbat will be placed within the next two weeks, please check for it!

GGs to Alex2/AlexBlood in Naruto and that other guy from DE who whipped my ass in it. GGs to Beatface in KOF and Slash ( even though I didn’t do so well in Slash :frowning: ), GGs to everyone I played in EFZ, and GfuckingGs to everyone I beat down with Duo unblockables in Gundam BA2. :rofl:

Hope to see everyone at the next one!

PS: Manos, if you’re reading this, that Akuma infinite in XvSF you were trying to do only works on version one :confused:

Congrats to Gwyrgyn for winning 2 Emo games in a row. If EFZ would have happened it would have been 3 probably. G-town represent!! I need to come over your place again to practice in some Slash fo sho. :tup:

Oh and I’m looking forward to getting my money in 3S. That shit ain’t over yet! :cool:

I dunno, Charles was hella determined to not let people have their donuts :arazz:
We’ll see next time though

MOD, stop using SCIMITAR :rofl:

Where are the CvS2 results? Oh yea…thats right


Shouldn’t be surprised Eli and Dan got first. Hey, they get props for partially making my team a bit better than before. I’m friends with the “AnB Foundation” team.
Even though I didn’t play anything and just messed around in casuals, it was still fun as hell. As long as I got to play Hokuto no Ken.

PS. I was the guy who was showing all those excellent old school gameplay videos on my laptop such as Ninja Spirit (that was me playing) and had the Breakers Revenge and KoF2003 action going.

What y’all saw at Anime FX was just an appetizer. I got many more gameplay vids on Youtube:

They’re not speed runs or tool assisted time attacks, just obscure games that most people don’t know about in action on the actual systems.

Very good shit everyone. I enjoyed the brief casual’s in NGBC that I got to play with people. Also, props to Dan for showing me the basics in Hakuto, thanx dude:tup:

I’m a little cofused as to who is still in 3S. I think that me (Goji), Aaron(10X), Nasser (Waycious), Eric (? Makoto player), Ultradavid (? Q player), Snookums (Antonio) are all still in, with DevilJin (JB) being the only one that i’m personally aware of being in the winners finals. I’m guessing sometime along the next couple weeks we’ll find a way to finish up 3S somewhere.

It’s looking like it’ll be finished at the tourney at C3 this weekend…I’ll go for some DOA4 and NGBC :clap:

And I hear that UltraDavid is being replaced by umthfkr(?) in 3s with his approval?

That’s what’s supposed to happen…yes.

Indeed. The deal is, he gets to play for me, and if he wins any money, I get 2/3 of it. Cause let me tell ya, the only reason to play fighting games is for the money, and that’s what I’m all about. Money money money mo-ney!

it did not go down this weekend. or i would have gladly given more. i woulda taken 1/4. but it didnt really go down. i arrived at about 8 and the regular 3s tourney hadnt started yet so i was like coo. but im not sure if i woulda wanna played for you cause for some odd ass reason my HP was going in and out. and of course i scrubed out again. for some reason i seem to do horribly at these monthlies.

WTF are the results for the 5/13 C3 monthly? Somebody tell Renegade to get some results up or sumtin. I almost made top 3 in 3S so I consider that a victory for me. :lol: On to bustin sum mo caps with the Shinobi at X30 on Sunday. :nunchuck: