Newcomer Introductions

Hello newcomer, If you’re new to Skullgirls, or a long time fan who is new to the site, let us know a bit about yourself. Are you a competitive fighting game player? Do you focus on the art/story? Are you looking for other Skullgirls players in your area? I’ll be updating the first post with player info, but you can also add yourself to (and find others on) the Skullgirls Player List.


Hi, I’m Liam. I’ve been playing Skullgirls since it got released on xbox, and I’m looking forward to the patch/pc version. I love the fanart that’s around for this game, but I would say I am mostly a competitor. My main character is Cerebella but I can play almost everyone to a degree. I’m always looking for people to play against regardless of skill level. I’ve gone to several local tournaments for Skullgirls, so the next step is interstate. I should probably mention that I’m in Australia, so online matches are kinda limited by how good the ping is.

Region: Australia
XBL: Age of Fools

I really feel like this thread should be pinned. That way newcomers will see it on the top :D. I guess since I am here, I will introduce myself. Hello everyone, my name is Lewis and I am also a competitor. I love the art to this game especially the ones with Fortune. Trying to get a community scene happening in NY so you probably already noticed the thread. Hope to see everyone online on ps3.

*Also, Robo-Fortune is the best DLC character in the game…Beep Boop Beep Boop :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, this would be a nice thread to stickie. :tup:

Hello, Im Josh
I dont really play competitively mainly cause Im pretty bad at the game but I greatly enjoy it. Ive only met 1 other SG player in my area but thats alright. Id love to learn more about the fanbase and background characters that people like.

yoooooo what’s up from hawaii everyone :slight_smile:

Hey, another newbie here. I love Skullgirls for the art, the characters and the development team. Also love the game system since I am a fan of MvC and GG, which seem to be the two games SG is influenced a lot by. I don’t play competitively and recently I’ve given up console gaming for a year to concentrate on college, but I still follow the community news on a regular basis.

Hey everybody. I’d like to become a competitive player but I know it’s bout to be a rough road and I need A LOT OF WORK. Currently nobody around me plays but I’m heading to San Diego soon so that should change.

Hey guys. I’m trying to switch over to this game from SFIV. This type of gameplay is completely new to me. What should someone that is new to this style of fighter be focusing on first? Having trouble adjusting to some things such as cancelling too early, in this game it seems a normal doesn’t need to connect to be cancelable. But anyway what should I be focusing on here? I believe my team is Valentine/Cerebella if that helps any.

Your brain might need some matches to adjust to the speed of the game. It’s pretty chaotic. Focus on getting some simple bnbs and getting those down. When you feel comfortable with them, start adding additional inputs to them until they’re maxed out.

Hello all. I’m rather new to fighting games in general but i’ve been snooping around here trying to learn here and there hopefully to compete one day.
Region: Indianapolis, Indiana
PSN: KlawwG

Hello everyone! I’m new to the Skullgirls forums but have been a huge fan of the game since it was announced. It’s quite possibly one of the funnest fighters I’ve played in a long time and one of my favorites. I’ve been lurking for a while though and finally decided to post in the forum. I only have SG for XBox 360 unfortunately. However, I will get it for PC if that comes out before I get a PS3.
PSN: Zentsurugi
XBL: ZoOfTheEnders

Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking around here since Evo 2012 but only just recently created an account here due to the donation drive stuff. I don’t get too much playtime when it comes to Skullgirls because I no longer have a console to play it on; the only times I get to practice are when I play on my uncle’s 360 and the time gap between visits is long enough that I have to kind of relearn my stuff every time I start up Skullgirls (or any fighter really).

Despite my lack of skill, I’m a big fan of the game and really love this community.

Hey guys, the name is Joshua. I picked up Skullgirls launch day for PSN. I played a while but was never very good at the marvel aspect of the game so i dropped it. Now I am interested in picking it up again since the patch came out. However I have one question though:<br><br>Is it a dumb idea to play as only one character? I like to play as solo Valentine or sometimes Bella, and I have been told I am holding myself back. Is this true?<br><br>Oh I guess I should put my info too,<br><br>PSN: Chaosed<br>I live in Alberta, Canada. Don’t live in a large city so I never really get a chance to play against many people locally other then my friends, so online is kind of my only resource.<br><br>Anyway I am glad to join this community finally and look forward to getting to know it better ^ ^.<br>

I’ve never actually played Skullgirls to be honest. I’m interested in the concept/art/style/sound and the community seems to be pretty good, but I’m still working on how to get into the game.

The thing that actually re-ignited my desire to start it was the Indiegogo campaign, however I’m still a little unsure on what console to get it on. At the moment I have a 360 and a PC. I could either wait for the PC release or just buy it on the 360. I’m thinking about selling my 360 in and buying a PS3 simply because I don’t want to pay another $50 simply to play online.

Anyway, as of now my XBL name is Doktor42, that would probably be my PSN name too if I decide to get it.

The characters I’m interested in are: Squiggly, Ms. Fortune, Filia, Cerebella and maybe Valentine or Painwheel.

Basically anything that doesn’t play keep away.

I don’t plan on being extremely competitive, but the reason I’m wanting to get a PS3 is so I can go to the occasional tournament in NC and from what I’ve seen Skullgirls is being played on a PS3 exclusively because of that patch thing (Not sure if they released it for 360 yet or not)

It can’t hurt to get the 360 version. Even though it’s still pre-patch, there’s still plenty offin to be had and plenty to learn. I’m a ps3 fan myself so I can see that point of view as well.

Hey guys. I’m Craig. I’m very new to fighters and picked up Skullgirls about a week ago. I’ve tried a few fighters before settling with Skullgirls such as SSFIVAE, BlazBlue, TTT2, MvC2, AH. I ended up with Skullgirls for the feel and art of the game. I’d love to get good enough to be able to compete in tournaments but that’s quite a far way off.

PSN: UberDonut_
Region: Massachusetts, United States

I’m Austin, I’m fairly new to fighters like Skullgirls, I play super smash bros. melee, so I’m not completely clueless on advanced concepts, I have no one to play where I live (California, US). I am also interested in playing competitively.

PSN: D3stroy1nat0r