NEWCOMER - My team comp and how to use it

I’ve never played UMvC3 in my entire life (neither MvC3).

I want my team comp to be point Magneto, 2nd Spencer and Strider anchor. How should I use it overall, which assists should I use with each character, what should I be learning first, tips regarding sinergy between those characters and links with info would be great! I am sorry, I am lazy. Really really lazy. So if you guys could help me on this one I’d be grateful! :smiley:

Disruptor, slant shot, and vajra.

I recommend taking out strider however. Even though vajra is a godlike assist, I don’t think it works well for magneto and spencer. They both cannot convert off the hard knockdown from vajra and the assist doesn’t lockdown as well as other assists. You a better off with something like sentinel drones.

Really? The thing is I wanted Strider on my team. Well, it doesn’t need to be him, but I’ve wanted someone badass on my team =p. I don’t like Sentinel at all. I like characters such as Strider, Dante, Vergil, Wesker, Phoenix Wright or Zero… .-.

I am also willing to take out Magneto, so if that works out…

Either replace strider with a character that has a good lock down assist.

Or replace spencer with someone who can get a lot of mileage off of strider’s vajra and has good synergy with magneto. I recommend doom/dante.

That will give you a more solid team.

Ok then, so my team should be either Magneto/Dante/Strider or Magneto/Doom/Strider, right?

Which assists should I use with those two teams? Disruptor/Jam Session/Vajra and Disruptor/Missiles/Vajra?

And how do you recommend using the team? Like mix-ups tips, what should I practice first, how to use the assists efficiently and which of the compositions would be most noob-friendly? (Such as execution and stuff). I am thinking about going with the Dante team, since I’ve already mastered Dante’s Bold Cancel, so I think now I should just memorize combos and stuff like that. But considering overall, which of the both would suit me better?

Also, I’ve been trying to do the ROM loops with Magneto and it’s been kinda hard to me. Do you have any tips on that too?

Thank you for being so helpful.


Yes those assists.

I think both teams are solid. Use the characters you feel comfortable with.

Ask in the magneto forum.

Ok then, thank you so much for your patience and help! :smiley:

Of those characters you listed, the best team would be Dante/Doom/Strider. That’s my main team. Dante and Doom take great advantage from Strider assist in various ways like rushdown, mixups, and in combos. If your combos are on point, then you can kill characters and remain even on meter allowing you almost always have lvl.3 Oroboros Strider at the end. I could go on and on about how that team works.

If you really want Magneto, then do Magneto/Doom/Strider. You MUST make sure your characters die in that order. You don’t want Doom to die, then be stuck with a useless Magneto/Strider duo. Missiles is probably Magneto’s best assist and you can always set up Doom TAC combos. Magneto isn’t getting anything from Strider assist so he really needs something like Missiles. You can basically play it like FChamp’s Magneto/Doom/Phoenix team except you can use meter and Dark Strider beats Dark Phoenix.

Play wesker/Dante/strider. It makes people very unhappy.

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To be honest, all you really needed to do was flip the order to make the team work. Strider/Spencer/Magneto is a good team. Just stick Strider on the ground bounce assist and you can get a bunch of damage that Strider needs off of the Spencer DHC. Spencer/Magneto works really, really well and Magneto is an awesome anchor.

Probably a little late though, lol

Strider on point will get your ass killed…to be honest he’s a pretty xfactor dependant character if you intend on dealing any damage at all or even surviving for a long time.