Newcomer to padhacking requires help

Hello there,

First of all i’d just like to say that ive searched through the entire padhacking thread and not found what im after exactly, although i have picked up a lot of tips.

Basically when fitting some new sanwa buttons into my hori ex2 I think have blown the circuit. Only the middle 2 buttons are working. My old man checked over the soldering and the switches, and apparently they are all fine so the only suggestion he had was that the circuit itself has died.

Any thoughts here?

Secondly, i have an old joytech wired pad lying around so i guess i can just use the circuit from that. Does anyone have a diagram showing grounds and what not for this pcb?

A few other questions, im not planning on using the triggers so is it okay to just remove them from the board and forget? Or will i need to do something to stop them triggering etc?

Same question for the analogue sticks.

I apologise if ive missed these questions being answered elsewhere. But im really on a short timescale here, need it fixed in the next few days for a trip to birmingham invoving lots of super turbo.

Any info/help would be greatly appreciated,


i’m assuming your using the stock hori pcb that came with your ex2

if you wanna check if it’s the PCB itself. Short one of the non working buttons(wire/paperclip/etc)

If something happens, your button is dead, go buy new ones

If nothing happens, place one end of your wire on the line of a non-working button, and the other end of the wire on a ground of a working button. press down on that dead button to see if it works

If something happens the ground for that dead button is dead and your gonna have to chain the working ground to the ground that’s bein retarded

Thanks for the speedy reply.

First of all, yeah it’s still the stock hori pcb.

Ive tried what you said, and i’ll try and explain what happened. I’ll also explain the situation. My father has done all the soldering and what not, but he’s busy at work most of the time leaving me to troubleshoot, im not the best at this kind of thing so please stick with me.

It’s worth noting that the buttons work for sure, 100% certain.

Ive taken a photo of the sticks innards, and labbeled the solder points to try and help me explain

The numbers are just arbitary so i can refer to solder points, i’ll also mention ‘Button numbers’ which are simply what windows ‘game controller’ calls them. For reference, the 2 buttons which work are at solder points 3 and 4, and register as buttons 3 and 9 respectively.

Here goes…

When I short points 3 and 1, button 1 registers (all good)

  • When i short points 4 and 2, depending on which solder i link to 2 things happen. If i short to the point on the right of 2, it triggers LEFT. When i solder to the point on the right, half the time nothing happens, half the time it registers BUTTON 5.

  • 3 and 5 registers BUTTON 3

  • 3 and 6 i cant get anything

  • 4 and 6 gives me BUTTON 3 (weird?)

-4 and 5 i get BUTTON 9

I realise some of these points might not be helpful, but since I’m no expert I thought I’d provide all I could.

Thanks for reading, and if you need anymore info please just say.

What is the SRK diagnosis?

Again, thanks to anyone reading this mass of text and trying to help.

EDIT: The BUTTON 5 i can get to register by shorting points is the left bumper button, which i guess means we’ve made a short somewhere else on the circuit? Any ideas?

are you sure the pcb is common ground