Wanfest. (Xbox360) 1st $600 prize pack Online Free Tournament


Registration Close: June 26 @ 8:00 pm CST
Competition Dates: June 29 - July 10, 2009
Format: 1 vs. 1
Pltform: Xbox 360

1st Place: $600 sponsor prize pack
2nd Place: $350 sponsor prize pack
3rd Place: $200 sponsor prize pack
4th Place: $100 sponsor prize pack
*All prizes subject to change

All competitors will be placed into a single elimination bracket and randomly seeded against opponents. Win and move on. Lose and go home. The default match time will be 8 pm CST but as outlined in the Competition Guide, the match can be rescheduled for the same day of the originally scheduled match as long as both players agree to to the time. The single elimination bracket will play out until eight gamers remain, who will then be placed into an eight person, double elimination, two strikes and you’re out bracket.


Other games being hosted:


cool thanks, signed up.


Kinda cool I guess but I just hate the concept of online tournaments.


Same. Lag tactics > skill


I think I’ll sign up for this one. No reason for free cash to go to waste.


nothing like a wangfest!


Not complaining, but does anyone else think it’s sort of odd that AMD is sponsoring an Xbox 360 tournament?


I forsee a lot of time wasting due to people not signing on at the right time after signing up for the tournament…


Hope everyone likes to use MSN and/or headsets.


nice, signed up


Signed up knowing i’d be eliminated after the first round. Fun Times SF4.


signed up, cause nothing wrong with a chance at free stuff


signing up right now, hoping to winzorz.

looked at the player list and saw the name “wong” Hoping its a poser XD


I don’t think its money you win its 600 dollars worth of prizes. which is mainly pc stuff.


Cmon now…hype this shit up a little bit at least…theres 80 players registered so far…lets do it a lot bigger.


hope Justin wong doesn’t see this.


I was inform that this is a scam. I am a current member of newegg and when it told me to log in I was concern because I didn’t see any information about this event on the actual I contacted newegg and they told me that newegg has noting to do with this wanfest.


Edit: nevermind if this is a scam, makes sense why there’s a lack of info now.


You’re a liar.


definitely NOT a scam… it’s posted up everywhere ESEA complexity’s website GOTFRAG ect ect ect… ^^ just google newegg wanfest :tup: