NewEgg Wanfest SF4 Results

Congrats to fLoE!

**Top 8 **

Double Elim.

  1. fLoE
  2. MikeInfinite
  3. Smoothviper
  4. LeRaldo
  5. purbeast
  6. zeroG3S
  7. citiofbrass
  8. AceKombat

I knew I was going to lose to fLoE right in the beginning , I just can’t stand reacting to Sagat fireballs online .

But oh well , GGs purbeast and congratz fLoE !

when did this take place?

Jun 29 - Jul 16 2009 , 8:00 PM CDT .

MikeInfinite beasted me with his Balrog and then floE completely dominated me with Rufus, lol. really wanted to make it farther, but at least I made it in the prizes.

Congrats to all, especially fLoE. It was a fairly good tourney until I ran into a laggy match with disconnects in the fifth round and they ignored my support request. I guess that’s bound to happen online.

Don’t regret entering though, faced some good people…some on SRK :tup:

I think if something else like this happens that they should match people up with how good of a connection they have. Its not fair to put in crap connections vs good connections

So when do we get our prizes from this tourney?