Newer 360 joystick issues

I don’t know if this is just my horrible luck, but recently I got a MAS Systems stick with DC/PS2 adaptors and a 360. The 360 since I got it was acting like a 4 way; hardly ever hitting diagonals, or you had to really muscle it to hit diagonals.

I’ve worked on 360’s before, and I’ve never had a problem. Infact, just to test to make sure it wasn’t a board issue, I used a OLDER 360 that my friend lent me for my experiment, only to find the older 360 works perfect!

I even went as far as purchasing 2 more 360’s to test this out, and each of the new ones had the same problem! If anyone has information about this, or ways to fix it, I’d appreciate it very much :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ve tried this before, but the little black spacer right above the e-clip, can change the joystick from 4-way to 8-way depending on which way it’s installed. For the 8-way, you need to intstall it with the smaller diameter side facing the e-clip.

Yeah, I knew about that; it’s definiately in the 8 way position. :frowning:

I just installed a new 360 I purchased from happs as well. This stick is horrible. The diagonals just don’t seem to want to register properly. I’m 100% positive everything is installed correctly. It’s the stick’s fault. The optics are uncalibrated or something. These new batches of sticks Happs are selling are seriously messed up, because I’ve never had a problem with older 360’s before. We should call in and complain or something. I want my money back.

E-mail sent to Somebody please call and ask what’s up too.

its the stupid hard spring comes with p360…MY GOD I got a new p360 and its killing my hand:mad:

Erm interested in sleeing one of those P360s :slight_smile:


Hey if anyone else agree with these dudes please post. I am interested in getting a p360 and I’ll be damned if it sucks tho. by the way if any of u guys are interested in selling ur P360s I am interested in testing them out (considering they are fucked up like u guys said) I will be will to buy them for 20. how about it?


There really isnt much wrong with it though :lol:
other then the hard spring.

Yeah still like good ol competetion sticks better :stuck_out_tongue:
(do not argue,its personal preference)


Dude, those things cost $40 a pop plus $10 shipping. Plus they just came in the mail recently and have never been used before… Would you sell yours for $20?

Mine (finally) arrived yesterday after a being on back order for a month or more. I havent installed it yet, but yes, it felt stiff as all hell, maybe to the point of unusable. Ill let you know how it is once installed, but right now I’m none too happy about it. It felt stiffer than any stick I’ve ever used, and far stiffer than the p360s I’ve seen installed in cabinets.

Re: uh…

Hmm I’m almost at that point where I think i would rather get a competition joystick…although I bought a battery and a low voltage switch to make the arcade sticck with a p360
oh well…

The spring being stiff is totally not the problem guys. In fact the hardness of the new stick I have is the exact same as the older ones I played on.

It’s when I try to hit a diagonal. If I tap down-back, I should only get down-back right? Instead, I’ll get down-back then down or down-back then back (and sometimes no down-back at all…). This is making playing a game like Virtua Fighter 4 all but impossible.

If I try to play Street Fighter games, 80% of the time the joystick will only register down, then forward when I do quarter circle forward motions.

I’ve been playing games on various 360 joysticks for roughly 2 years now. I highly doubt it’s my execution in not being to do moves. The fact that my friends’ 360 joysticks they purchased over a year ago along with 360’s installed in arcade machines have never given me problems like this before, what else can it be besides lower quality joysticks being shipped out recently? It has to be something with the optics. Either too sensitive, not sensitive enough, or just plain off.

Doesn’t Happs do some kind of quality control test before shipping out their products? I’m highly unsastified with my purchase right now that’s all I know.

Uh…well what’s ur power supply for the P360? it seems ur problem is a electrical one. I heard u guys hook up P360s to the PS2 controls which someone said were 3.2 volts. Now, here’s my hypothesis as to what the problem is. Maybe the older P360s didn’t necessarily need 5 volts to work but these ones do. SO!!! whenever u hit a diagonal there are 2 eletrical signals been sent and since u have low volatage the P360 is doing the best it can to register it (that’s why it goes from down to down-front to back). Well i hope that’s the problem. I am still interested in getting a P360 from u guys. so if u have any extra ones I’ll be happy to get them from you. he he he

Thanks for the heads up on the possibility. I’m waiting until Happs replies to my e-mail though to get a definitive answer as to what the heck the problem is.

Anytime. and this is quite informative too cuz i thought the P360 would burn out if it didin’t have enough voltage to work, but i guess not. you say u have trouble playing VF4 so i am guessing ur using a Ps2 controller right? (3.2 volts?)
I hope Happ can give you an answer on that , a lot of them don’t seem to know much,

They once had p360s for sale at like, 1/2 price. Oh man, I knew I should have bought them then.

yup got mine for 24.99:D

If they don’t put those P360s back on sale this christmas, I’m gonna go ape shit. I was so pissed off cause I missed that happs sale by like 2 days, I was going to buy two of those things!! crap crap crap.
oh yah, for anyone who is wondering, you can actually call a Happs spokesman or send them an email requesting a different spring with your joystick, so you can order a perfect 360 with a medium spring, or if they claim they come with a medium spring ask for a light spring. I’m like 95% sure that P360s will have different strengthed springs, but maybe Happs is lame or something. If anyone can snap a picture of the new P360s btw that would be good to so we can put that info over at bout which P360s will take power from what.