Newer Black Sanwa buttons come with RG switches?


Bought a set of the newer black on black Sanwa 30mm buttons and these have literally been the stiffest microswitches ive ever owned. Ive had these for 5 months now and they STILL feel stiffer than the ones in my friends brand new 2SA/3SA.

Any chance they just made a newer model microswitch and its not RG(ive heard the RGs switches are longer and these look normal)? There still sensitive but they dont give me that same satisfying ‘broke-in’ feeling like previous buttons ive owned. Just trying to see if anyone else knows or could help out.


thats weird, i havent heard anyone mention this before. Wonder if there is anything to this?


I recently bought some as well and noticed the same. They feel tighter than the dark blue OBSF’s i bought just 3 weeks prior


Where did you guys get these?


Stop buying so many new buttons and stick with your old ones then :smiley:

lol j/k

If you want to soften them up, take them out and lay the pressing part face down on the floor and rest a heavy book or something on top of the microswitch prongs so that the buttons depress for a while (2 days or so)

This wears out the buttons very quickly and makes them ‘squishy’. I do this to all my new Sanwa buttons and they feel used in a few days.


hmm really interesting. Ive owned blue, green, white and black and these new black on black sanwas just stay stiffer longer.

I knew i wasnt going crazy lol. Anyone experience the same?


i know how to break in buttons i just wanted to know if people experienced the same with these particular sanwa buttons compared to the others. hence the title not being “how to break in stiff buttons” i do appreciate the advice though thanks.


I got mine from LL but where they were bought from doesnt matter theyre all made from the same manufacturer.


It could just be that that particular batch they made may have had minor imperfections or so. If not then maybe they’re using new parts or getting raw materials from other distributors. Hell if I know, just throwing these possibilites out there.

I shit you not though, I swear it feels like different colors actually make the buttons feel entirely different.

On this modded SE I have, the 6 white Sanwa’s to the left feel completely different than the 2 dark hai’s on the right. And it’s not because I don’t use those buttons, it’s an entirely different feeling altogether.

  1. hmm no they feel quality just stiffer. Im guessing these were like RAW not properly ran thru the 1,000,000 presses buttons or w/e buttons.

  2. I would have to fucking agree. Blue was good. White was AMAZING but didnt last as long. Green Meh. Black stiffer than the rest.


My TE had crappy Dark Hai’s (wouldn’t consistently register). Bought some new ones and they feel kinda loose, but not that broken in nice feeling. I did also buy Red,Yellow,green,blue ones with the black cylinder body and they feel stiffer then the solid color ones I have. I just ended up switching out the microswitches from my old ones since they felt better.