Newer Hitbox Data/Magazine Scans?

Hey all,
I couldn’t really tell we’re to put this post but I figured the newbie section would work ok.

Just to be direct and to the point is there some kind of newer hitbox data out? I noticed that has links to what appears to be scans from some kind of strategy guide but the links are always broken I can only see the thumbnails. Is there some kind of new video maybe?

I have the original hitbox data leak videos from a while back when SSF4 first came out. So I’m very well aware of those.

Anyone have any ideas?

A point in the right direction or any kind of help would be much appreciated.

-Stay classy SRK

The links on EH works fine for me. What characters have you tried looking at? Does this linkwork?

Yea your link works! Damn that weird. I looked at the address bar and noticed that our address’ are different. When I go to evenhubs and click on the thumbnail for Abel I get this link Instead.

Any ideas?

No idea but you can always change the end of my URL.

so Balrog’s special moves would be: