Newer madcatz pad diagram?

Hi, does anyone have a diagram for this pad? I dont see it on slagons site, sorry for the pad pics. and I can just cut the motors for the vibration?
says 2008 #4716

Here you go. It’s accurate for both the 2008 and 2009 versions (check the shell).

And yeah, snip the vibration motors off.

thanks a lot, i have a wierd question, i never did a common ground so i just see 2 common points on the controller so i just link those 2 to all my buttons other connection and link them all up in a guess a daisy chain? so they all connect to those 2 commons? thats it?

You dont need to use all common grounds. You could in theory just use one, then daisy chain it to all of your buttons. I personally on my official xbox pad used one common for my Start, Guide, Select buttons and the other for my A,B,X,Y, RB and LB. You dont need to link the commons together in anyway, it just depends on how you want your wiring to come out or the layout of your box.

So I can use one red point(the common) then daisy to all my buttons and thats it, and end at the last button? or does it have to come back around in a circle to the first button or common again?

also these fit? or they must sell them in hardware stores right?

Ground chain end at last Button.

Those QDs look right. You may or may not be able to find them locally. Mine only sells as low as .187. Lowes and Home Depot don’t have anything smaller than .250.

.110" will fit if you have Sanwa or Seimitsu Buttons.
.187" be used if you have Happ Buttons.

Of course, .187" will go on Sanwa and Seimitsu also, the Quick Disconnect will just be a bit bigger.

thanks alot guys

Are the gold plates for the buttons and the directionals what you solder too, or do you have to scrape that off to get to the copper beneath?

great thread!

hate to hi jack this thread but can some post a link to “slagcoin” site for the different diagram types for xbox 360 controllers

have you tried adding a “.com” after the word “slagcoin”?

to be more specific:

now I got a question of my own…

does anyone know how to take out the triggers on these pads? can i just bend them back and forth and rip the solder points off?

How do you wire the triggers up on the 2008-2009 models.

Yeah same question, i tried to do one and it didnt stick, so i guess i have to sand over the copper because theres some sort of clear coat?

Is anyone else having a problem soldering to the button signals? I scraped up down pretty good, but its a bitch to solder to. Maybe its because the metal contact area is so small?

its pretty big compaired to my microsoft brand one, i just finished this madcatz and everything seems to work fine, i just sanded all the contacts abit, thats all

I’m looking to wire up L3 and R3 on this pad instead of using the triggers (VO:OT recognizes the stick-clicks). The diagram posted above is great, but it doesn’t show these contacts.

When you look at the analog stick assembly there’s a small button next to it that has 4 mounting points. Unfortunately, the wiring around there is very dense and I can’t trace out and decide which is ground and which is signal.

Any ideas?