Newest anti-anxiety medicne: The mushroom?


:confused: Okay, what the fuck is really going on here? first the weed, Now the 'Shrooms? What’s next, LSD? I won’t front. Somebody gave me a pot and shroom brownie in some legal state, I might just bite, all puns included. I wonder what other “bad drugs” are going to end up getting put on the nice list now.



Drugstores in Japan actually used to sell psilocybin supplements over-the-counter, not sure if they still do.

Web searches Sale of supplements were banned in 2002, but the mushrooms themselves are still legal. Groovy.


mario bros. on nes was one big LSD trip when you think about it



Did Mario help you cope with or overcome your anxiety?

Wait, actually I think I already know this one…

[details=Spoiler]troubled-teen Sonic says

that THE ANSWER IS NO[/details]


Psilocybe creates different effects for every individual.

My experiences with it would contradict the anti-anxiety claims. At least 4 out of the 7 times I experienced it, I felt really anxious, nervous, and had this strange sense of regret hanging on my shoulders. The times when I didn’t feel like shit on fun-guys, my vision was just extremely distorted; none of that image morphing or synthesizing new colors BS tho…

That’s pretty cool.

The first time I took lucy, I actually booted up my PSX and started playing random ass games. I should have played the good shit, but my mind was all over the place so I just grabbed something from the shit pile.

I played the PS1 de-conversion of THPS3. Shit had me laughing the entire time, because of how bad the THPS3 stages went with the THPS2 engine. Also played Crow: City of Angels, but just sat at the menu screen, pondering why they would make a game out of that dumbass movie.


I remember playing Mario 64 on LSD, jumping through paintings and shit. My mind was blown.


The mushroom in my PANTS, knawwwmmseyin?


America, stop being afraid of chemicals and their corresponding receptors that God put in your brain. Can’t have it both ways.



It certainly is a toadstool, if we’re judging based on the only things that would sit on you.


mushrooms are cool but id think youd sooner choose mdma as an anti anxiety med


Remember that old av one of us had that was Mario tripping on acid…


Tripping can be fun or a living nightmare, depending on your state of mind prior to ingesting the shrooms/lsd. Definitely can’t do anything productive unlike marijuana, just have to hang on when the ride starts.


America afraid of chemicals? We’re the most medicated nation in the fucking world.

Remember kids, “FDA Approved” means “Now approved for human testing”.


LSD makes patients deal with their death. Yes, LSD is godlike

LOL, some FDA nigga on NPR today was talkinga bout e-cigs. said they are dumb and people shouldn’t use them to wean off tobacco. said they should use FDA approve medication and drugs to wean off the tobacco, cuz it was safer and better. EAD


You have a fungal infection?


This really isn’t a new medicine.


really? First I’ve ever heard of the shrooms being used as anything other than recreational. Still, if I can get shrooms at home without worrying about cops trying to kick my door down over it, I’ll hook it up.



America just keeps making up and exaggerating things just so they could sell you more drugs.

If it’s not an exaggeration, then the new generation really is retarded.


These kind of treatments actually have a better chance of lowering the financial cost involved in many illnesses. Great discoveries are being made by utilizing marijuana, ketamine, & mushrooms amongst other things. Given that most of us currently rely on an industry that thinks it is okay to inject you with platinum to fight cancer (which makes you violently ill) whilst charging you tens of thousands, most people will welcome some news of new alternative medications.

Those you refer to who try to sell you as many drugs as possible, they will most likely be the first to try and shut avenues such as these down.


this really isn’t a revelation. As much as I hate to say it, some of the DUMBEST, most wrong-hearted shit I’ve seen has come up in the last 15 or so years. The “Knockout” game. Really? Since when has Assault been a game? Meh. At least you can SYG someone to death if they make you mad, right?