Newest Naruto thing

Yeah I was wanting to check what the newest edition for Naruto is. I went and bought Naruto Clash of the Ninja thinking it was the newest version. And then I saw Naruto 4 somewhere on the fourms and was wondering if Clash of the Ninja is considered, “Naruto 4” ?

And if anyone has some match videos I could watch and some input on any Super setups and how the flow of the game is suppose to be that would be great. Thx

Clash of the Ninja is like Gekitou Ninja Taisen 1 in Japan. They are just starting ot release English versions. They are on the 4th version in Japan. They will probably release another one shortly after the filler arcs end in the actual anime (sometime in april)

So it is the newest one ine America, but in japan it is old. The reason why I ask is if it is the newest one in America it is the one being played in tournaments right now right?

Is there a thread where I can possibly Learn Cancels and advanced game mechanics?

I’ve been looking for one of these myself. I just got Naruto: CoN (GNT1 in Japan), and I haven’t been able to find any discussion on game mechanics, tactics and such.

I do believe that GNT4 is the one that’s being used in tourney’s now, but us non-importers that just got the first game need to learn, too.

What I HAVE found is the following…

  1. Pretty much every button-tap combo can be done in immediate succession, or with delays between any of the inputs. Take Sasuke’s BBBB, for example. You can either press the buttons one right after the other, for have a slight delay between any of the inputs (or all of them if you want). It may be possible to use these delay’s to bait a blocking opponent into trying to couterattack, leaving them open for the rest of the combo. I haven’t tested this in actual combat, however.

  2. Most (if not all) character can combo into their super from BB. So the sequence of buttons: B,B,X will lauch two punches then go right into your super. If the second punch hits, the super is guaranteed unless your opponent uses a substution jutsu to escape. In some cases, however, the super will actually COUNTER the sub. jutsu counter. I was playing as Sasuke against Zabusa, I went for a BB combo which Zabuza vanished out of. I went for the super out of instinct. In the first hit of Sasuke’s super he crouches and delivers a vertical kick, Zabuza’s counter is a straight running kick. Zabuza’s leg passed right over Sasuke’s head and his leg caught Zabuza’s leg, resulting in the super connecting.

  3. In extremely tough battles, I’ve found it to be a better idea to hold on to your chakra and use it for escapes rather than supers. The damage you will save yourself from is often worth more than the damage you could inflict with a super that has a chance of missing. That’s not to say supers are useless. If you opponent can’t sub. jutsu and you are position to combo into a super then by all means go ahead and do it.

  4. Know when to pick your spots to attack. If you combo an opponent and they sub. jutsu out of it, don’t sub. jutsu right back at them, it’s better to save it for when they try to combo you. It’s better to just take the counter because then they will be forced to eat the next combo you throw at them if it connects. But you have to sidestep/dodge/block and strike soon before they manage to fill their chakra again.

  5. Don’t throw projectiles against Kakashi, it’s too easy for him to use his Earth Style jutsu and nail you. If playing AS Kakashi, if worse comes to worse, play keep away and bait your opponent into doing just that.

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 is what’s being used in tournaments. Clash of the Ninja is NGNT1, which is crap compared to the rest of the series. I never tried combos in NGNT1, but if it’s the same as 2-4, with there’s tons of combos. With Naruto (normal) you can combo off of BBBB or d+BABBB or BAABBB into BBX or d+BABX or BAABX. Sasuke can do BBBB BBX or BBBB u+B (if you don’t have/want to waste chakra). Zabuza can combo off his j.A. Lee has tons of easy combos. For GNT1, the most you can do with Kakashi is combo off of u+BB or do BBBA airthrow (I think that’s the right string). Every character can do BBX. There’s not much for GNT1.

The best site for NGNT is
Sometimes, there’s some stuff on gamefaqs, but rarely. And there is (or was?) a NGNT thread here on SRK.

Kakashi can’t do bbx, but he can do back+bb, x (hold) release at the proper timing.

With lee, I was working on a nice counter-counter combo.

When they are going for the counter, and you know it, let them, then counter with back+b,b,a,a Then run in close, let them hit the ground, catch them on the bounce with b,b,x… Nice 80% damage or so, but pretty situational.

Haku can get pretty annoying with his needle lockdown, but it’s not too impossible to beat, even though I have a hard time getting around it with Lee. And it sucks you can’t sharingan the crystal ice mirrors, damn you bloodline traits!

Ok, I was wrong about the Kakashi combo. You don’t need to hold and charge it, you just need to do back+b,b,X and it will combo.

You can also do forward + B, B (the double kick combo) that knocks them far away. If they happen to end up in the wall close to you (or you set it up that way), you can combo with X.

Now, my question is, is there any reason to choose regular Kakashi over Sharingan Kakashi?


Down+b, a, a, a, special is probably the best combo in the game. Hits even if its all blocked. Kawari or youre done X_X

Gaara is such a bitch. Wait til you see Itachi and Kyubi Naruto ~_~