Newish, help me with my team

Hey, I’m pretty new to this game but I’ve been putting in a lot of hours. I’m building my first team and having trouble finding a viable 3rd. Right now I use Wolverine and Hawkeye for a rushdown/zoning game. I really like how they mesh, but I really cant find a damn 3rd that I like.

What holes do you think would be in my team’s setup? How can I strategically fill these gaps. Please give me some suggestions and tell me why. Thanks.

I personally run Vergil/Hawkeye/Deadpool, but a good anchor for your team might be Wesker. The reason I say it is because Wesker doesnt have the biggest learning curve, and he’s pretty OP in the last slot without his glasses and lvl 3 X-factor. People also use him in this positioin for his B-Assist, wich is his OTG gunshot, that I think would help you alot in extending Wolverine combos seeing that the damage scaling changed and it would make your life with Wolverine much easier. Another thing that Wesker might help with, is if you switch into him early in the game and you have Hawkeyes A-Assist, you could try sending the assist out and teleporting with Wekser behind the opponent. Not that this tacting works every time but some people get confused and dont know where to block sometime. These are just a few ideas but mainly I think Wesker might be one of your more relaiable sources.
I play on Xbox: Kiinkey Twinkie
If you own an xbox I would me more than happy to spar a few times with you and give you some tips :slight_smile:

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