Newish mame emu

i’ve been a constant 32k .64 user and this is so much smoother. i just had the best 30 something games on kailera in recent memory. its soooooo smoooooth. my ping was 83 and the guy i played had 32. the emu also feels newer with psx arcade system support direct 3d etc. it looks a lot better than .64. can’t hurt to try it.


…downloading, will try tomorrow.

i tried it with garou, and every time i super it desynchs(online) otherwise its pretty smooth
EDIT:tries some more and its working really nice

You’re wasting your time. 5000 people before you have tried to get people to switch.
It’s not gonna happen unless something huge like MvC2 or SF3 gets emulated.

ya i figured i might be able to convert a few people at least.

its a pretty decent emu, def better than mame32k0.64

I’ll have to give her a try, even if other people won’t change I can get some of the peeps I do to change if it’s a better kaillera experience.

So what do you mean by “smoother” exactly?

^ it runs and looks better. smooth is just the first thing taht comes to mind.

subs so I wont forget about this.