Newish to fighting games


Hi im new and a noob to fighting games, i have hovered around them all my life but never really got into them seriously.
That was until Injustice came out and i put a hell of a lot of hours into the game and felt quite decent i mained green arrow and performed quite well while learning most of the fundamental basics to fighting games.

So i decided i was really enjoying the game and wanted to get seriously into more games, and this brings us to where i am now.

With the release of Ultra SF4 nearing ever closer i wanted to jump in and learn SF4 and although there is a mass of information to learn from i feel overwhelmed, my friends aren’t into fighting games so it leaves me on my own to learn and their isn’t an FGC in my local area.

I would like to find someone or a few people who are in the same boat as me and would like to team up together and learn SF4 together or any fighting game i have MvC3 and TTT2 and i love all of them.

My idea is that we learn our characters and talk about our progress and a few times a week or as often as we can, we get together online and fight each other to see how our progress is moving along. it would be great if we could get a group of people together and all progress together, this way we get more experience against other players which would be great for advancing as a player.

Replies from both new and old players are welcome and if anyone would like to give me some tips on how to play better or even personal training sessions online that would be awesome.


this thread is for specfic questions. For what you are looking for too meet other players try facebook.


ahhh you got any good groups for meeting players?


Check Regional Matchmaking section of these forums to find local players. You never know who’s in your immediate area and/or looking for other guys just like you.

Online Outlet is another decent place to meet fellow online players. It’s mostly a repository for people to namedrop their gamertags.

Otherwise, you are in the perfect place to be able to post discussions and discuss strategies and plans for improvement. These forums are filled with great information about pretty much any topic you have in mind. You’ll have to be willing to use the search engine to dig up the same old topics and questions people ask about on a near-daily basis.


If you play on PC there are fairly devoted groups on Steam for Street Fighter 4 and SkullGirls.