Newish to Street Fighter


If I’m having trouble linking combos, what can I do to better myself? I can do very simple things and do chain combos, well I mean I think anyone can. I’m just having trouble hitting those combos that take timing.


did you read the stickies?


A version of Street Fighter 4 presumably?
Go into Practice/Training mode and select “auto block” for your opponent in the training options on the pause menu. If you’re trying links in the trials, it’s typically already selected.
Now, when you hit your opponent, the first attack will hit.

  1. If your linked attack, following the first attack, is blocked, you’re hitting :p:/:k: too slow.
  2. If your linked attack, following the first attack, doesn’t come out at all, you’re hitting it too fast.

From there, it’s just a game of marco-polo until you zero in on the speed you should be hitting the link, then do it a billion times until it’s part of your muscle memory. Bare in mind the stick motion can often be buffered in early prior to hitting the :p:/:k:; the :p:/:k: inputs are usually the input that the link depends on most. Watch for the little explosion effect when you hit the opponent, and focus on that as an early guide for when you should be following up.

If it’s for the trials, there are plenty of tutorials online that act as a good guide for specific timings. I find listening and trying to remember the sound of hitting the buttons is very important, and makes it easy to recall the timing when you come back to that link at a later date.