Newly discovered mixup thing?

Hi guys,

I’ve just by accident found this weird thing (glitch?) while fighting a Vega player online…
I’ve tried a few characters and it worked on cammy as well… (Cammy is a bit more difficult than Vega though, because it needs a small delay)… Also, they have to be crouched (I reversed a Vega ch.HK)


oh the explanation is simple. ill link you to a place where you can learn about this and other things of this nature

(seriously dude I have no idea. looks as if you are fadcing so close into them that when their hitstun begins to end and they reel forward again it places them into/through you and you end up on the other side.)

Wtf l… you’ve really made me click that link… >_>;

Anyways… yes thats what i saw as well, and its more visible with cammy… Since i have lots of problems fighting vega, i’ll use this to get some extra damage on that bastard!

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troll of the week complete.

nice, i found something similar with Boxer’s OH, FADC fwd.dash into the corner.

The way it works (after watching it in slow motion), is doing attacks that cause a decent amount of blowback (like horizontal blowback) where their entire hurtbox/clipping hitbox no longer occupies the space they were once in, then, the attacker quickly occupies that space before they snap back. What happens is that the clipping boxes try to occupy the same space at the same time and since they can’t, one character will teleport through the other. In slow motion, it literally looks like they teleport through each other in a single frame.

I got it to work on crouching Guile and crouching Cammy in the corner, dunno if it works in 2012 though. I had to do the same thing with delaying the FA release into fwd.dash with Cammy.