Newly Discovered Wasp Species Enslaves Spiders

mind controlling insects aren’t as new as it may seem, what’s frightening is the realization of how much of it’s going on and in all it’s variations across the animal kingdom

Where’s the Overmind? :confused:

Flawless and intelligent kudos to you Mr.Shusty

oh my god oh my god

The spiders, if they were aware of the problem, could just attack the wasps when they go to temple.

Aware, I am.

Is Al Sharpton getting on this?

I knew he’d eventually have his revenge.

I am so unbelievably not cool with this. Whoever thought I’d be pro wasp genocide.

^ I’m willing to stave off military action until they start showing interest in bears. At that point, it’s either us or them.


Yeah, when that happens, there is no such thing as overkill. We can just go buck-wild on Yogi and Smokey. WMD’s will even be allowed.

If only this was found out like 12 years ago… then [media=youtube]Svi2FU9Lq_g[/media] would have been be top tier. And he would make Black Arachnia his whore and Tarantulas his butler/bitch.

In before Waspinator joke… oh.

Awaits Nat Spinneret’s Rebellion

Wow. I’m going to have to look more into this…

there’s also that parasite that infects rats and makes them engage in behavior more likely to get eaten by cats…bcuz the parasite lays it’s larvae in the cat’s intestines.

This is cool. Always exciting to hear about new animal shit.

Not cool is a mad scientist plotting to use this shit as a weapon.


So neat, but so gross hgck i feel sick and interested

edit [media=youtube]XuKjBIBBAL8[/media] i could barely handle this shit on bluray

This is true. For ppl that think this stuff is cool, I recommend the book Parasite Rex.