Newpark Mall 7/12/03 CvS2 & MvC2 feat.CX,Choiboy,Ricky O


Here are todays results…


1)Ricky Ortiz
2)John Choi "Choiboy"
3)Jon Beard "Crescent-X"
4)Van Huynh

Many good matches today…nice to see alot of the local players come out and play…until next tourney…MvC2 results will be up once I get em’…



Man, I knew Ricky would win. TEAMS!?


But its still Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


man. Ricky and John are unstoppable.

Anyone know the teams used???


John- C Akuma,Sagat,Chun li, Guile

Ricky-A Mai,Bison,Rolento
C Eagle,Chun Li, Sagat

John vs Ricky was C Akuma, Ken, Ryu vs C Ken, Eagle, Chun

Thats all i remember


Whats with everyone starting to use Eagle, I USE EAGLE . :frowning:

Gratz to Ricky and John, nice teams too.


Yay…Eagle! Strider Boi, you gotta change your AV I think.


She got clothes on LoL


Ricky why are you copying my C-Eagle :lol:


Man, you’re all crazy, I was using Eagle since the game came out…sorta…


Not after my Sakura’s done with him…


Your C-Eagle?, I thought I was the only one in the world who used him in that groove, or hell, used him period. I know you remember playing me at Invasion Sabin :D. Maybe I need to win a big tournament to get some credit for him.


Ricky’s so mean…he’s using all of Arturo’s stuff better than him, that’s messed up.


Yeah, I remember, you had a pretty solid Eagle too. I’ve been playing him since the game came out in various grooves, but at the time I played you I gave up Eagle for a bit, but now I’m playing him again =) He’s too good aganst non run/low jump grooves,sans P groove.


The first person I ever saw do good w/ Eagle was Ric Collins back when the game first came out. Guy dominated with C Joe, Kyo, Eagle. Amazing. He was doing low forward, Stand forwardxx Super like it was water. Too powerful.


How’d you get such a giant avatar?




Will Martin since your on here your. The question is has your bitch ass been practicing any since the last time i talked to you and you brought them tables .

Hanif has a stick now!



Eh? They went to casual characters for their face-off? Jchoi using Team Shoto oh my, that’s crazy… though I would like to see how they play Ken…


Eagle runs things… Plain and simple ahha