Newport News, VA Arcade re-opens

Play A Round Golf and Games is now open.
You all will remember it as Putt Putt, we had to change the name because the owner doesn’t want to keep the putt putt franchise.

Still the same games inside (for now).

DDR works now and it is 8th mix.

I will soon resume tournaments there… probably within the next couple weeks.

Everyone should feel free to stop in and take a look around. To be honest, not a whole lot is different except the prices are lower and you’ll be able to have direct contact with the owner if you want.

The owner/manager is a guy named Wes, he’s been in the industry for quite some time now, used to be the manager at NNPP a few years ago.

Feel free to make suggestions to him about games he should try to get. I"m not saying he’ll get the games you tell him to, but I am saying he’ll at least consider it.

Whenever someone gets a chance to stop in, let everyone else know how things went.

The hours of operation are still sort of up in the air, but basically these are the hours:

Mon-Thurs: 1pm-9pm
Fri: 1pm-11pm
Sat:10(maybe 11)am-11pm
Sun: 11(maybe 12)am-9pm

Here’s the address and phone number incase anyone forgot:

Play A Round Golf and Games
89 Nelson Drive
Newport News, VA 23601
(757) 591-2800


NNPP back in business? Fun again? Play games again? YEAH!

Im down…



GET SOME 3S OR CVS2 IN AND youll be seeing my ugly mug more often hehe

mmmm alpha 2… such a fun game…

too bad I doubt anyone is gonna play it D:

cvs2 and sc2… to be fair to all :}


… fix marvel


left fierce(kick mostly, but punch too) doesnt come out a lot, unless you pound on the damn thing :confused: it seems it doesnt register many hits(buttons) :xxx

u know my blk-ass is gonna play it fa sho w/u so let’s have a destiny battle on dat one:cool:

it doesn’t matter what fighting game it is, ima be there fa sho 4 tha laughs and ol times. so let’s do this. CALI STYLE

I know about the issues with some of the buttons on the left side of marvel… I’ll fix those soon… probably within the next couple days… by friday night I"m sure…

so if people want to come and play some friday night… mvc2 should be in better condition

you knew and chose not to speak :xxxx booooo

all good though, it seemed to work for the first while like 9/10 times, then eventually it shitted out and worked 1 outta 4 times…

and the glare… :xxxx

im done bitching now :}

neo geo > all

I hadn’t gotten a chance to pinpoint which buttons were messed up… I knew that flying with sent was difficult but hadn’t found out if it was short or rh that was the problem… was hoping someone else could come in and then I would know it wasn’t just my timing being terrible heh

I just messed with marvel… and it seems to be better now… at least it works well enough for me to fly around with sent without any trouble… but I suck and slam the buttons mad hard heh

well fix it more… change the cherry switches out…

i could fly to, but i couldnt fly unfly worth a damn…

mangeto was like, lk, fk(no response), psylocke

or i would fly through the air without kicking :\ its all good though, prolly just mad old switches, but i did notice the fk was loose too… just trying to help out :}}

have you played on it since I messed with it earlier today? or are you saying that’s what happened when you came and played yesterday? I"m just curious so I know if it still has problems or if maybe it’s ok now

I did change the switch for the rh… but it wasn’t a brand new one… that’s why I am not sure if it’s actually better now or not… I had no troubles with it after I fixed it, but that might just be me

I replaced the left side rh switch… but I think that I may need to replace one of the punches on the right side… not sure yet


I"m planning a tournament… probably mvc2, a2 and kof99 (perhaps something else if we get it hooked up in time)… sometime soon… probably 2-3 weeks from now

what I need from you guys is this… should I have it on a friday evening or a saturday day?

there probably won’t be a lot of other customers there either time…

let me know what you guys think… as soon as I get a little input I’ll post a tournament thread

#1) lets make sure the cabby works before any tourns are planned…ill try to come tomorrow (sat) night and bang on the bitch as hard as i can, i did notice some game lag last time, i fk kick threw in the corner and well, 2 seconds later magneto grabbed…

#2) 2-3 weeks is not enough time imo, make something big so give it more time so at least some out of towners can come, and perfer a sat afternoon personally

my 2 cents… bb

btw, i might be up there around 7ish if i do go, i got shiot to do all day and night and thats around the only time i have

this time around I"m not so concerned with out of towners… if some out of town folks want to come, that’s fine… but for now I am more concerned with getting the locals back in there

once things are definitely running smoothly I’ll plan a bigger tournament which will be on a saturday at some point… but I want to kinda ease myself back into this stuff… it’s been a little while since I last did this heh

a tourny on a shitty ass cabinet…have fun