Newport News, VA Tournament May 15 Results


MvC2 Results (21 Players)

1st - Isaac “Tyranidman” Graham
2nd - Darrick “Tekniqality” Perez
3rd - Peter Luong
4th - Omar “omar-murdadem” Ballout
5th - Ernesto
Hesham “Shamy” Shaban
7th - Matthew “foomyjin” Kavelek
Shawn “shawnloganownzu” Logan
9th - June
Greg “turbomit no3” Mitchell
Jermain "Redrover"
13th - Victor
James “crippcripp” Crippen
Robin “renegade” Palm
17th - Jamie Pollard
James Dostie
Arvelle “Venturi00” Whitaker
Dan “Gammadynamite” Dumont

3S Results (17 Players)

1st - Darrick “Tekniqality” Perez
2nd - James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner
3rd - Chris
4th - David H.
5th - Robin “Renegade” Palm
7th - Arvelle “Venturi00” Whitaker
Eric Tillman
9th - James D.
Matthew “foomyjin” Kavelek
Kris “Maxstah” Grytebust
Peter Luong
13th - Greg “Turbomit no3” Mitchell
Joe “Chocobo” VanPelt
Dan “Gammydynamite” Dumont
17th - Jamie Pollard

A2 Results (13 Players)

1st - Kris "Maxstah Grytebust
2nd - Darrick “Tekniqality” Perez
3rd - Robin “Renegade” Palm
4th - Matthew “foomyjin” Kavelek
5th - James “crippcripp” Crippen
Joe “Chocobo” VanPelt
7th - Chris
Eric Tillman
9th - Dan “Gammydynamite” Dumont
James D
Arvelle “Venturi00” Whitaker
13th - James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner

Here are the full results… If there are any misspelled names, I need to know. I also need to know some last names and names.
So if you guys see a name that doesn’t have a last name by it and you knwo the last name, let me know so I can fix it… same with names…

Also, let me know what you guys thought of the whole thing… any problems or anything.

I know there were some issues with 3s sticks so no need to bring that up as I already know about it.

Other than that feel free to let me know what you thought of everything. I think things went well, seemed to move smoothly with minimal down-time.

Thanks to everyone who came. Hope to see you next time.


people need to take isaac graham out. He wins too much.:stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats to all the winners.


Great games to everyone who went, VA is mad cool. Thanks agian cripp for hostin. Im gettin vids hosted soon, here are teams for top 5 of marvel

Darrick-BH/Sent/Clops, MSP, Santhrax, Cable/Sent/Clops
Pete-Combofiend, Row, MSP
Omar-MSS, Santhrax
Shamy-Santhrax, Scrub

Can’t wait till the next one :smiley:


What, no MSP. :eek: Isaac Graham represent represent.



one comment about the alpha2 and 3s tournament, the machines where pieces of shit, sticks where so fucking bad it was the WORST tournament ive ever been to, the 3s machine was on a small small small ass gauntlet legends machine with barely functional sticks, spend a little bit of cash and buy some p360s or somthin and quit wasting peoples time and money, final note people where cool yo shit was lame, peace out:lame:


AgentQ, I dunno what you were talking about w/ the A2 sticks. They were fine. I did everything I wanted to do on those.
The 3S sticks weren’t very hot, I agree, I had trouble dashing on the right and supering on the left, but I dealt with it. I’ve played on far worse sticks. I also saw many other players do the complicated stuff that they intended… and miss alotta stuff too. As I said, I’ve seen worse. I don’t think the results would have been much different if the sticks were perfect.

Good games everyone. It’s nice to come out every once in a while.



sigh, if you wouldve won, you wouldnt have bitched

losers always make excuses :lame:

all in all though it was mad fun, people were mad cool and frody is my hero now, isaac is 8<


Sticks werent too bad compared to some of the monstrosities ive played on. Regardless of that people made adjustments and played. If the community wants a bigger 3s cabby then we can put up the money to get it…cuz I dont think management will do it at this time. hell if you get 2 bucks from everyone at srk we could probably do it lol.

I hope to do much better in the next 3s tourny. I love competition.


Someone explain this to me…I won a match in MVC2 and got dead last…

I went 2 and out in A2 and 3s…and somehow got 9th and 13th…

   :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:


Probably got a bye the first round in a2 and 3s, dont know about marvel though, probably just a screw up. GET TO LEVEL 20! =)


3s had no byes

as for marvel, you had to win at least two matches if u werent given a bye


Dan it’s cuz of byes… when we have that many byes… it can fuck up the results like that… I won 2 matches in marvel but still placed the same as people who only won 1 match… get more people to come so I can fill up the bracket next time hehe

Arvelle do you know chris’s last name?

and do people actually want 360’s for 3s? I’d think they’d prefer 8-ways for games like that (A2, CvS2, 3S so on)

Actually shawn, 3S had 15 byes cuz victor entered last minute to make it 17 people


I would prefer 360s on all machines, just my opinion though.


good job jive.:slight_smile:


i think its evans


The cool guy isaac is… man… awesome… And thanks a lot for what u did for me isaac =) That was very kind of you… Hope to see you soon so we can play more for ecc perhaps… latez


Good shit Isaac and Darrick. :smiley:

Damn Isaac, you becoming more beastly! Hopefully, I’ll get to play everyone again… next EVO or something because I’m be leaving at the end of the month for Okinawa. For 3 fucking years! Anyway, I hear that they have arcades than we have McDonald’s… and thats in Okinawa!!


yea isaac is a true sportsman, thats for damn sure… mad ups to him


Damn those mvc sticks I couldn’t do shit. Man what happend to those sticks they use to be great new 360s in order or buttons or something. I really didn’t care much for the tourny cuz not that much money anyway, the company afterwards is what I went for. Bw3s and issac always a pleasure and I can’t forget the rest of md cool ass peoples. I wil get my cabinet fixed soon the we could get some real play. Damn issacs msp?



Glad y’all had fun; congrats to the winners.

Good job NC…