Newport News, Virginia MONTHLY May 6th 2006

With the weeklies history, SOVA monthlies are now in effect. I think this is a great chance for EVERYONE in VA to make it out.

Where: ** Play A Round Golf and Games
89 Nelson Drive. Newport News, VIRGINIA**

When:** Saturday May 6th, 2006 2pm**

*Games: *
Tekken5: DR
Street Fighter: 3rd Strike

*Format: *Double Elim

Entry Fee: $10 (T5: DR) $5 (3rd Strike and Mvc2)

Added JTYME pot: $5

Prizes and Split **70/20/10 **

Possible Side Games:
#R or Slash

[*]Q. What is the ‘Added JTYME Pot’?

[*]A. Designed for SERIOUS and or TOP players who want to add $5 to the pot if the beleive that have a shot at winning or can place. I don’t expect everyone to be apart of this program, but like I said, serious players.

The money that is collected from this pot, will be split 80/20 between 1st and 2nd, and will be added to the placers winnings already.

If a player who places DID NOT contribute to the ‘Added JTYME fund’, then that player is ineligible, and the ‘Added JTYME fund’ will be split 100% to the winner.

I hope to see a good number of players out here. This is PLENTY time to request off work. Post in the thread if you plan on coming. I will do an online sign-up sheet

Who’s coming to win

  1. Jinmaster

Who’s coming to get RAPED

Let’s make this happen. Players pls post comments or suggestions.


Well, since I’ll be going to ODU next semester, I’ll come check this out to see what the scene is like for 3s.

Which means you’ll be driving to Richmond to play me, Moose, and Ken. Cuz there isn’t anyone in SOVA that plays 3S seriously, and the stix at Play a Round are always questionable for 3S. Last time we went to a 3S tourney there, Moose and I went #1-2.

sad but true :*-(

I try to get in the game, and its a great game, but i cant put taht much time into it cause I feel its been out for so long. I’d rather learn DOA4 and GG#slash.

heh, if there is a dozen or more players showin up for 3s I might stop on by.

Maxstah- I dont think i’ve met you? Where do you play at, and what other games do you play?

Do you use AIM?

Edit- Nevermind… cableguy :frowning:

I hope you stop by mang!!!

Tournaments with corrupt hosts are sweet… not

HI KRIS!!! If you’re goin, I might go to chill and get some games in w/ u. I’ll be damned if any of my money will ever fall into JinMasters hands.

sup foomy long time. yea i’m on vacation that whole week so that sat. i’ll go. maybe get omars old ass out too. wish wes wouldn’t have sold that A2 machine wouldn’t mind playing that game again.

Jin lol yea i fergot about that yer one of the guys i played while doing a Internet install in yer apt. that was classic fergot all bout that. “WTF the cableguy knows how to play SF?” hehe. cya all.

yah, sucks there isnt’ that much comp here for 3S, but the game is kinda old. I heard you were one of the top players in the US in your time.

I hope you come out, maybe these Richmond and Nova cats can come out, and give you a challenge.

I’m coming to win marvel and 3rd strike, but MAYBE get rape in tekken…so count me in

wow u know yer old when u got cats sayin “in your time” lol thanks for spiritual lift lol j/k

Anyone else coming to this?