NEWS FLASH! Planet Zero digs its grave even deeper

Towing people’s cars? This is like a Britney Spear’s scale meltdown.


Sounds like this is a regional matter. Tell me which region, or I’m just going to close this thread.

you follow the rules of the establishment, so if theres a rule for no outside drinks then follow it.

Everything else listed is old news

That place is pure trash and John is an asshole and his whore is a thief, what else is new? It’s so bad that smash players go out of their way to complain about it yet they continue to go there.

Texas sep.

… This is a lame thread. Just ban the guy imo.

P.S. You’re not funny. And everything is old news. The same rules were applied at the OLD Planet Zero venue. No outside food or drinks.

I know nothing about Planet Zero but all I keep hearing is all this terrible shit about it. I’m not saying it isn’t, but why even go there then? You already know the players who go to the events, organize something with them outside of dudes shitty venue.

why is this in the midwest matchmaking area?

should be in the southwest matchmaking

LOL at the first one. stopped reading after there. Of course he wants you to buy the food and drinks at his store. It’s a huge percentage of business whether you are aware of it or not. The only thing that is important is how they refused to pay some players and the GG fiasco.

Having a “No outside food or drink allowed” sign up (a lot of places do) plenforcing it by actually kicking people out is huuuugely different from towing people’s cars without forewarning. Did he tell these people to take their food out or get towed, or did he just do it?!

Someone ask this guy if he needs a plug. I think we could do business together. Agrees!

This thread actually needs to be deleted. The information I posted was quoted from a person that reacted before he confirmed anything and the information is incorrect now (the part about the bailing on the sponsership for the brawl tournament).

PZ is stilled shunned by the SRK/Dustloop community though and for good reason.