News of the World Whistle Blower Found Dead!

Holy shit, you know he got assassinated

“No, not suspicious at all. We know exactly what happened. He shot himself 7 times. In the back of the head.”


This is some “The International” level shit.

britcop bribes for pings
britcop corru[tion probes
britpolice resignations
unexplained whistleblower death (‘not suspicious’ says britcops)

wow hopefully this brings down murdoch and faux news as well

Congress has ordered an investigation into the news of the world to see if they hacked into US 9/11 victims. Reps may shoot themselves in the foot with this one.
I will dance in the street naked to Guile’s theme if Fox News closed down

on top of congress looking into it, there is also a FBI investigation as well as a DoJ investigation that have been started, they are coming for murdoch, that’s for damn sure. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, there is talk within news corp of replacing murdoch as CEO.

I’ve been hearing about this for a while now, but how would they have hacked 9/11 victims? Sorry if this question sounds silly ^_^;

Hacked into the voicemails or computers of people who died or their families and trolled around for news. It’s not sure what happened. The FBI has long felt that Scotland Yard was full of shit and crooked to celeberties and what have you and thus didn’t share information. So while it could have happened here, the feds aren’t as prone to sweep the whole thing under the rug and call it a day.

Somebody take over the Gryps 2 colony laser before Neo Zeon takes control of it. I hear they’re in league with Murdoch.

hell yeah! i’m just hoping this “accidental” death of the whistle blower can be linked all the way back up to murdoch. it will be a huge blow to faux news. right wing religious fundamentalist nutjobs will still be retards, but hopefully they’ll be less retarded once they stop watching mentally retarded news stations.

I’m not sure what good killing Fox News would do. It’s viewership is large for cable news, but cable news isn’t actually that large compared to network news. Plus most of the obnoxious personalities on it (Beck, Hannity, et all) have far larger reach through their radio shows. Right wing nutter is mostly radio based, so it’s not like you’ll shut them up by killing Fox.

And don’t forget that the entire Tea Party financial idiocy and “no taxes ever” actually stems from the Wall Street people on CNBC, go watch that and try not to put your foot through the TV.

Murdoch/Murderer was in Parliament today, haven’t watched it yet but apparently he got a grilling whilst also avoiding answering anything.

He got a pie thrown at him.

Was the pie filled with faeces?

oh, it gets uglier. Rumour has it, the top guys at NotW and etc were taking bribes from American politicians to hack stuff…and Anonymous released the top 3 guys emails

then today, the FBI launched a HUGE sweep raid of Anonymous members:

and Lulzsec came out of retirement to deal with NotW.

I saw this on the news earlier. You ask me, his death was from natural causes. When one snitches out crooked cops and stays in the same local area as the people he snitched on, death is the most natural outcome.

LOL @ The Furious One. :rofl: dude said he’s gonna bust a move in the streets if faux gets closed. “Fair and balanced” my ass.


You can watch the house of commons meeting here -

so… explain this to someone who’s COMPLETELY lost and doesn’t understand what’s going on here at all. please?