Newsweek article about the future of the Internet... from 15 years ago

Oh how wrong this guy was. :bgrin:

He spelled “cacophony” wrong.

well that brightened up my morning.
I assume this was written by one of the old men in the balcony at the muppet show.

Statler or Waldorf? [media=youtube]lhmjnYKlVnM"[/media]

Who would ever buy stuff on the internet??! Rofl, the internet is generally the best way to buy shit now.

omfg. Double post sry.

thats the guy that wrote the article

From the article:

No one of course. There’s no money in Internet Porn.

If you guys just go back 3 years and read about Blu-ray vs. HD DVD and then go back 10 more years and read about DVD vs. DIVX, you’ll see pretty much the exact same articles. It’s funny because every new technology is always met with the same kind of stupid skepticism.

The only thing he was wrong about was newspapers. Those things are done. Everything else he’s just saying that the internet won’t totally replace/ dominate— which it hasn’t.

Nice little find there! Reading that definitely gave me a few good laughs. :rofl:

Lol social networking, it’ll never take off.

There’s a guy in the article with the name “Nicholas Negroponte”.

That’s all I have to contribute.

He actually wrote the word “bah”. This is too “get off my lawn” to be true. I kept looking for a link to Cracked or SomethingAwful on the page.

Kinda reminds me of this article on the iPod when it was first announced/released.

Always interesting going back and reading old articles on the stuff considered commonplace technology; it’s like Back to the Future, but not really!

The truth in no online database will replace your daily newspaper

Wow… I wonder how the NYT, LAT, Newsweek, Time, US News, and pretty much every other major paper in America feel about this… oh wait, they’re all going bankrupt and Newsweek is in the worst shape of all… way to miss the boat on that one guys…

… Kindle anyone?

Lacking editors, reviewers or critics, the Internet has become a wasteland of unfiltered data

Okay, this might almost be true… I mean its not like Wikipedia is 100% to be trusted or anything, but its certainly obvious that once a critical mass of information providers hits a given space, that other people edit and correct existing material…

This is all in the first three paragraphs… I really wanted to give this guy a chance to not look like a total moron… Sometimes you just can’t help it… You know what bothers me the most? Back in 1995 he had serious complaints that of course over time were rectified. Imagine if instead of writing an article like this nonsense he had put some effort into solving one of those problems? He’d have been a billionaire… oh well, nice job Amazon, Ebay, Cisco, Oracle…

I love that this article from 1995 is still online. That’s 15 years of being beat over the head with how utterly wrong he was, for everyone to laugh at.