Whats good yall?? let me introduce myself… My name is PhocuS and im new to forums… I signed up sometime last year and aint really mess around wif the site like that… I play marvel and im lookin to finally step out into the marvel community and start playing seriously… I live in eastflatbush of brooklyn which is in New York so anyone in the hood kingshighway bronx, qnz long island interested in playin wif me to help me get better id like that alot… Im not really a scrub or anything but i just finally got a mas for my xbox… i used to own it for dc but someone swiped my dc so im stuck wif xbox marvel… my team is im.cable.doom… and for now im just lookin for peeps in the hood that i could play casual wif to gain experience… i usually play on pad which im good on but gettin used to the mas is kinda hard mainly the stick… anyway hoffa at me peeps in ny!!! :sweat:

holla at me if you playz cvs2…I am in brooklyn too :rock:

fuck marvel lol…I know people that plays marvel though !

lol yehh i play cvs2… im not great but i could hold my own… i wouldnt mind gettin better at that as well… Ill prolly give you a run for your money! hmm ur the same snake that was watchin evo in that chat room??

learn to play on stick and goto chinatown fair, 8 mott street in manhattan china town. they had 3 marvel cabinets last time i checked.