Nexon rips me off for $50, will probably ban me for demanding what I paid for


(Nexon is a video game company that produces “free-to-play” games that you can play for free, or pay as little or as much money as you’d like to get more out of the experience)

Over a month ago, I bought $50 worth of pre-paid Nexon cards. For some unknown reason, they didn’t work. I filed a Support Ticket, but over a month later, it remains unanswered. (though they had time to call me for an interview to help them make more money in my area)

Anyway, I made a thread in Nexon’s forums giving them a time limit of 10 days before I pursue legal action. According to random members, Nexon can ban me for this.

I’m sharing the link to this thread with as many websites as I can because I want Nexon to understand that they can’t mess with customer’s money and think they can just hide the scam under a rug. I want the public to see how this unfolds and question Nexon about it in the case something shady does go down.

If they really do ban me for demanding what I’ve paid for, that’s really low. And I don’t want Nexon to think it can just hide this problem. I don’t think companies should be able to take our money and then treats US like we’re the ones who are walking on thin ice. Sorry, but it’s the OTHER WAY around.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for any support I may get.


YOu should email about that man. Total bullshit


My brother has played several games via Nexon. He mentions they’re quite slow with responses. the longest they’ve taken with one of several tickets he’s filed with them was 2 months and two weeks.


Nexon is probably betting on you not caring enough to pay a lawyer just to get $50 back and “send a message”.

Also, you should have probably talked to a lawyer before making that thread as it may hurt your chances of winning any kind of settlement in the future if it comes to that anyways hope you get your money back at least.


So it’s been a month, where’s the money at?

  1. Congratulations on spending $50 on a shitty game.

  2. The people who run support and the people who run whatever other thing you signed up for probably work different departments. Getting upset over that is a petty and silly move on your part.

  3. You’re an attention whore.




Vinidctus is not a shitty game


Isn’t support suppose to be the outlet for him to voice his complaints? Regardless as to whether or not they’re the same department, that’s where he’s suppose to voice those concerns. Given that he said it’s been a while and they haven’t responded, voicing some frustration at this point isn’t a bad thing. Especially if they were given apt time to address the complaint. Seems like they have no problem with receiving the money, but when it comes to the other way around, they choose to drag their feet about it.


And this is why I no longer play Nexon games. After playing Maplestory for over 4 years, and spending so much cash, I quit after being hacked. When I sent a ticket, I never ever received a response. I stayed on Basilmarket, a Maplestory forum for a bit after, left, and them ended up here. Trust me, Nexon will get away with it. Pretty much everyone whose played their games for sometime knows how money hungry they are.


I never payed a dime for their games


The law office of Daigo & Daigo helped me with a similar issue…



If this was a decade ago, I’d have been like, “More like, free-too-gay” and you’d have called me a fag, and neither one of us would have meant a shred of harm to the homosexual community.

Ah. Simpler times.

That sucks though; is this like Gunbound or whatever?


Nah vindictus


stay free

to play~


Nexon stole $25 from me. I didn’t even bother with a ticket. I did make tickets about game glitches and how to fix them, the issues are still not addressed after two years. Don’t waste your time complaining with Nexon.

All that aside, I still play DFO.


Gunbound was the jam.


Two years damn


you really wanted that sopmod on combat arms huh :rofl:


lmao what the bleep.

nexon hosts awful games. I remember when Maplestory came out in North America. For the first 5 or 6 months, there was none of that cash store bullshit. fast forward to 2006 or 07, you got the generic “xX4SS4SS1N4lYfE1995Xx” post some dumb bullshit on the top right corner of the screen so everyone in the server can see. also, the items were plain fucking stupid.