Next best PS2 -> DC converter?

I’ve been desperately looking for a Dream Connection II recently and can’t quite find one. I’ve searched the innovation site and ebay, but have come up with nothing. I’m wondering what the next best PS2 -> DC converter is. From what I’ve read in the forums, I’m guessing…

3 in 1 DC converter


Total Control Plus

Maaan, the entire DC section is gone from their site. It was up there just two weeks ago, too. That’s lame… I should’ve ordered mine.

Anyone know what the difference is between all the different Total Control models?
(original) - Plus - 2 - 3

Do they have the potential to cook your Dreamcast?

From what I understand, Total Control 3’s are for Sega Saturn controllers only. The rest are basically PSX, PSX/PS2, and PSX/PS2 + PC

Damn you - I never got one. :sad:

Yeah, I sent him email and he said he’s out and never getting any more. So… bummer.

My EMS adapters work great.

I guess I’ll be getting a Total Control Plus off of play-asia. Thanks for the responses =).