Next Challenge Poll

Ok I dont want to be too final with this so if anyone has any bright ideas feel free to share them. This is just some ideas that have been thrown around already and if theres enough interest in one, I guess we’ll start it up.

Diggin’ that first one.

I liked the idea of having an HD sprite contest, but then again, not everyone here is used to making HD sprites. So, I don’t really know.

Maybe the first idea.

I’m digging the “Street Fighters Everyday Jobs” but also I love the concept of participating in designing a new fighting game, regardless of the fact that it will most likely not get past the character design phase.

I think it would be totally kick ass if SRK could get some coders together with some of the artistic talent here and push something out, but it feels like geographic and social issues would keep this from ever happening.

Yeah, production of a decent, balanced fighting game that’s both well done and visually appealing would be a serious undertaking and require buckets of talent from all ends of the spectrum.

BUT…anythings possible.

+1 for hd sprites

That’s [media=youtube]PHyockvy6kY"[/media] LoL.

lol. i just thought we’d be sticking to character designs. not making a full on game ^^;

I assume we’d just be sticking to designs, but who doesn’t want to go the whole way and actually make the game if it was possible?

Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo Halo

potential alternate costumes for SF4?

I’m right in the middle of making a fighting game right now and only have like four characters planned. If you guys want to design characters for it, I’ll try and put some in the game. It’s all gonna be freeware anyway.

i guess the challenge could be ‘design a character and draw it from the front, side, and back’ and i can take that and carve it up into a paper doll model.

Well, I guess we can all see what the winner was. Now for the rules of the challenge. I want to keep it short and simple so I was thinking maybe 3 weeks to do as many peices as you want or maybe just 1 really good one (whatever you want to do) of any SF character(s) from any game, and have the judging not only be on artistic ability but also on humor/originality.

Like I said, I just want to do this for 3 weeks so we can hurry up and move on to the next challenge and kind of keep the energy up, since usually things tend to peter out in the challenge threads after a while…

Sound good to anyone else?

oh dear GOD there needs to be a JoJo challenge!

Jojo is awesome but I dont know if enough people know it to participate

Yeah, you know…all the poll choices were pretty good ideas, so I figure you could just run most of em’ back to back. (Although I’ve never played Guitar Hero so I’m not too familiar with the characters…that’s my problem, though.) Either way I’ll try to call a few of my boys over to participate.

now that the Streetfighter tribute deadline has come to an end… is this challenge still on?

sounds like it’s on. I’ll set up later in the week…