next Evo

I would love to go with you guys, I’m 17 and i don’t know what my mom would say if i asked. I’m 18 next year so I’ll go for sure guys 100%

Arriba la Raza.

pablo and virsaga should be “TEAM BURRITO” at evo.


i hella want to go to evo next year.

i’m thinking about selling a kidney so i can get a sfIV cab hella practice.

and i need to get better at cvs2 and st.

much love to mis hermanos latinos y tenemos matar todos los gavachos por que me gusta los conejos de nieve.


Team Burrito? Sounds like something El Fuerte would say. :frowning:

Racism always makes me happy

Thanks assholes :lovin:

quit cryin.

you know i totally love you.

no homo.


I’m only crying cause Im so happy =)


i totally miss you.

i can f.rh super sometimes now.



I can tie my shoes now :lovin:

oh shit.

are you still going after them snow bunnies?