Next Fighting Game Capcom should Release?


Or any other legitimate company…
>Darkstalkers sequel
>Power Stone sequel
>Rival Schools/Project Justice sequel
>Nintendo vs Capcom (just maybe…)


what do you think? the very thought if any other game getting priority makes me mad.

cvs3 is long long overdue. its been over 10 years. at this point I dont even care about how shitty they make it. just start making it. gimme that 6 button setup with grooves. design should be like marvel3 and NOT…I repeat NOT that gay-ass ono fighter models. I dont want my characters covering up the entire screen. give some room to breath/run/parry/jd/dodge.


Liked for the “gay-ass” ono fighter models, but I do agree about that


X-Men vs Street Fighter 2.


I don’t even wanna see capcom do another vs for a good long while lol.and it would be to soon to start another street fighter Dalkstalkers because it fits the fast game play that a lot of fans seem to want or Power stone because it has that smash bro esq insanity going around the stage during battle that would probably appeal to a lot of casual players


power stone. The hardcore wants it, guaranteed to be loved by the casuals.



i agree. cvs2 players should feel the pain 3s players and marvel2 players felt when 4 and mvc3 came out zing!


A game that’s finished.


yeah I mean there is a good chance of cvs3 sucking monkey ass and all but Id still like to play something like cvs2…someday:coffee:


A new Capcom vs SNK game with some incredible hand drawn artwork with an anime vibe to it and for love of god some decent voice work


nintendo vs capcom fits the formula of having mass appeal. they already cheated hardcore tekken fans with an overpriced streetfighter sequel. why not mooch off smash bros too? but my honest answer has to be power stone. that game was a lot of fun.


Nothing until they get some actual quality control.


Spoke too soon.

If this turns out to be true, I feel bad for JJBA fans if they remove it from GGPO


I say powerstone because the SF4 engine looks like powerstone HD to begin with. The game is also casual and has gems so it is very hard to mess up. I mean why ask this company to mess up your favourite franchises? Hmmm I just realized they still have the ability to mess up powerstone…how about we request Capcom to stop making fighting games? Seeing how most of the darkstalkers team moved to Arc it only makes sense for them to give DS rights to Arc.


Capcom? stop? making fighting games?


how about a Dungeon crawler version of Power Stone? room based like Ergheiz’s rpg mode but fully online



Capcom Fighting Jam 2.

Also CVS3 and oh god Power Stone please.


Vampire >new title here<


This is the only correct answer.


Darkstalkers or CvS3. I’m not a CvS2 junky, but Powerstone would be too casual (despite how awesome it would be) so I’d prefer a tournament viable

And I don’t care if the entire Darkstalkers team moved to ArcSys — CAPCOM needs to make DS4, I really don’t need Blazblue: Vampire Savior… I’d rather no game than a bastardization of one.