Next Level Gaming: August 12, 2006 Charlotte Nc


Rules: Evo rules.

Location:9620 Univiersity City Blvd. Unit 3
Charlotte, Nc 28213

Contact Number: 704-503-5252

Game LAN’d Entry Fee:$10

Start Time: 1 pm

On one wall we will have causals only and on the other we will have tounrie matches only.


Guilty Gear XX Slash

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Capcom vs SNK 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2

** $5**

Tekken 5

Street Fighter Alpha 3

King of Fighters XI

Super Smash Bro. Melee

Naruto 4


Pre-reg. NOW!

Also feel free to call to reg.

Extra Directions

Game LAN’d is near the UNCC campus. If you are coming from the raliegh area you will take I-85 to exit 48, which is I-485, to exit 33, which is US-49. At the exit ramp light you will take a right onto US-49 and go 0.8 miles. On the left you will see University Plaza strip mall, a Shell station, and an Arby’s. Game LAN’d is located behind the Shell Station, on the 2nd floor.

If you are trying to reach Game LAN’d from south of Charlotte, you will take I-77 to exit 13A, which is I-85 towards Greensboro. You will take Exit 42 which is US-29/49. US-49 splits off to the right, follow US-49 for 2.5 miles. You will pass the UNCC campus on your left. After you pass the UNCC campus, Game LAN’d will be on your right.

Great stuff!

But, uh…unless the store is willing to stay open a few extra hours, and depending on how many out-of-town peeps we get…I’d say we might need a little longer than from 5PM to 10 PM.

The Gamefrog tourney last month went about 8 hours, if I remember correctly, and even then quite a few games had to be canceled.

I gotta agree with Shiki on this one. Especially for CvS2. I’ll bring a PS2, Slash, 3s, and Tekken 5. I’ll help out with running the even if you need since I’m nearby.

I’m in for Third Strike, Slash and Naruto 4.

The owner is willing to stay open as long as it takes. I asked him what time he wanted to start he said 5 pm til whatever, so he has no problem keeping the shop open late.

Can you guys add smash brothers melee ? that would be awesome

im there!!!

Yeah, you’ll probably want to start earlier than 5 pm. Also, you might want to shorten the list of games to be played…for 3 reasons:

  1. This is their first time holding a fighting game tourney and things can get a little complicating.
  2. With the given size of Game Lan’d, each game is gonna have severely limited space.
  3. Probably not many people are gonna sign up for more than a couple games.

I’d recommend running maybe 3 or 4 games, 5 at the most. Anyhow, hopefully the turnout will be as good as we all hope it will be.

The owner will be at the library until 4:30 then he’s going to come back to game lan at 5 to bring back the stuff he took the the library.

If you are low on systems, could perhaps some of us bring ours? I hate to have a weak show just because of lack of consoles. Then we could start earlier, these events do tend to run long and late.

I vote to KEEP Battle Coliseum. I’d love to see King of Fighters XI on the venue, but it is new and some folks might not have learned all the cheap-cheats yet. Gowd forbid we have a tourney where someone does not dominate…

Even though I love CvS2, you could X it off…it’s old and tired.

Please feel free to bring your own system, but let me know a head of time.


Yo, you have to start earlier. Ill run the damn thing if I had to. Signups should start at 11:00, tourney starts at 12. For this to be a success it has to start early.

I’ll be there if Slash stays on the roster or if KOF XI gets added. Otherwise I may still show, depending on who else does, just to hang out. Also, an early start is gonna make things soooo much easier on you and everyone that’s playing. I’ve got systems a plenty to contribute along with Majors so just lemme know what’s up.

Definately down for this. Good stuff, it’s really cool to have another NC tourney location. I’ll be there. :tup:

I’m cool with the start time, especially if we can be there as late as needed. As for the games, I also vote to keep Battle Coliseum. No surprise there. In my opinion the lineup should be: $10 - 3rd Strike, CVS2, MVC2, Slash, NGBC. $5 - Alpha 3, KOFXI, Smash.

The $10 are the usual (sans NGBC, but c’mon! Play more Coliseum! =p). Alpha 3 may get more players at $5, along with XI since that is newer and seems to have a pretty good NC following thus far, and then Smash. Cut everything else. Doesn’t seem like there would be too much of a problem with this line-up. Judging from the base NC players, running those would bring a solid turnout, with 3rd always the best and largest, yet probably wouldn’t be too hard to run. Slash, CVS2, and NGBC I expect to have the usual number of players, which is somewhat small, plus there are some in the community with CVS2 and Slash as their main games. My 2 cents.

Thanks for setting this up either way. See everyone there.

WORD! I’ll be there for CvS2 and 3S most definitely. Same as everyone else though, start that shit earlier. A 12 man CvS2 bracket takes about 2-2:30 hours to run without ANY interruptions whatsoever, and we all know how many interruptions happen during tournies.

I’ll have my new digital camcorder by then as well, so hopefully we’ll get some decent footage.

Slash has a devoted following. Same with NeoGeo. Definitely keep those 2 games so that people from the Triad and Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill will have an incentive to come.

Unless you know of at least 8 local players who’ll sign up for Naruto FOR SURE I would axe that because historically it hasn’t had a big turn-out.

Hyper Street Fighter 2 can probably be done in the future, but for this tournament I would suggest Alpha 3 as the “old-school fix” because people are on an Alpha kick with the new Alpha Anthology and plus Charlotte Mindboggle had a big Alpha contingent back in the day.

You can probably save KOF Maximum Impact 2 for next time because the American version doesn’t come out till’ a few days after and that would give people more time to be familiar with it.

CvS2 is a neccessity. It has at big following at UNCC.

I think Roski’s list is probably the best. You could even add Melee if enough locals want it because honestly it shouldn’t take that long.
In fact, the only tournaments that will take up significant time are 3S, CvS2, Alpha 3, and maybe Marvel (depending on how many people sign up).
KOF, NeoGeo, and Slash should take no time at all.

As long as 3S (PS2) and CvS2 (DC) start early and are run with other games, we should be done by 1 AM.

And…OOH OOH lemme run some tournaments plz.:wonder:

Are you going to be working tomorrow? Cuz I’m planning on heading up there.

Oh yeah…

Put me down for

-Alpha 3
-3rd Strike
-NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
-GG Slash
And if we’re going to do Maximum Impact 2 and Hyper SF2, put me down for those two. Otherwise, never mind.

Please keep Coliseum. If you don’t I’ll have nothing to play. What system(s) will the games be on.

Coliseum is staying.

Good to hear.

What about the Guilty Gear peeps?
Is anyone willing to bring their copy of Slash so it can go down?