Next Level LAN Orlando Feb 27 Results

2/27/2010 - STREET FIGHTER 4 - Next Level Lan, Orlando, FL Results:

Street Fighter4 Singles (Xbox 360):

1: Torrin (SA) ($198.00)
2: Jebailey (BA/SA) ($66.00)
3: Leland (ZA) ($33.00)
4: Guzzy (SA)
5: Lord (RY)
6: Jeremiah (BL/BA)
7: Dan
8: Casanova (VI)
9: Chris
10: Ben Reed a.k.a. Homeless Jesus (VE)

Thanks to all participants! We had many amazing players, among them a very young player, Christopher Jason, who proved talented enough to play with the big boys. We were in awe of his fierceness and know that we’ll be seeing more of him in the circuit.

Overall we were impressed with the players who came out, and we hope to see you guys again as well as new players at Next Level for future tourneys.

Top ten?

So I take it TvC never happened?

This is one of those I told you guys so moments :). BootyClapper was the only one kind enough to show up but none of the other guys like Saetan who said they would come ever showed up.

As for the tournament, Next Level Lan did an amazing job fixing everything up right before everything started and ran things smoothly. Can’t wait for the next one for SF4 or Super. Thanks guys for hosting us I know All of Orlando can agree we had a great time. Will definitely talk to you about the next one and help promote it.

I’ll ask them for the top 10 results next time I go there, for those interested.

Also in case you guys are interested, I heard from a few people there that they’re planning on having a release party for Super. I don’t know if they’re going to have anything like a tournament for it, but I’ll let you guys in on details in case anybody wants to come out just to chill.

Yea I was the lone TVC player standing around with my hands in my pants. Once I pick up a better character then Dan I’ll be back with some firece shit in 4. But you guys only play top tier. So…many…Sagats.

Anyway tournament was cool. Good shit to everyone, and I wish we had a place like this in NYC. When I’m back in FL I’ll hit you guys up. Keep it solid everyone.

I also have never seen so many people using Balrog at the same damned time. I can safely say that I was the only Cammy user there… But it was an amazing experience for me since it was my first tournament, even though I was two and done.

Can’t wait for the next tourney.

Why didn’t you show up? There was a lot of talk about in the other thread yet no one shows. Hellsolider or whatever. He knew he was free and didn’t show, probably the same with others. It’s ok to lose and be salty. But it’s another thing to not show in fear of losing and being salty.

I’ve been to mad tournaments and went 0-2, but I still come out to play. And yea I’m a little mad. I’ve been trying to support this game for a while but no one ever comes out and helps the scene. Have fun working on your online win %.

I didn’t say i would show up. I saw a few of you guys get hyped and I was glad to see the eFFort with a capital FAIL! (sarcasm) I knew I couldn’t make it as I stated in that thread due to previous plans. Glad at least you showed up and kept it REAL while the other had “excuses.”

Sucks that you had to go all that way for nothing, but you still stuck it through for SF4. Hope they do have it again with TVC in the line up.

Bumped to show top 10 results. Characters played also added.

Dan/Chris: If you guys want your character choice to be displayed, let us know.

I wish I could have made it dude, but I had a last minute situation that prevented me from going. I made a post about this in the other thread.

And the part about me being free…yeah dude, I know I am. I know that you’re one of the better TvC players out there along with Keits, Kurasa and the others. I’ve watched tournament videos and the pre-release session you guys had, so I know what separates an amateur from a professional. You guys have been playing since CGoH came out and I started on UAS…you would have most likely bodied me. There’s about 4 or 5 people in my city that play this game, and only me and another guy take it seriously. I want competition for this game just as much as you do, and I swear to God if I had been able to make it down there we would have been playing till fuckin’ sunrise. I wasn’t in fear of losing, please. It would have been awesome to play you.

There’s some upcoming TvC tournaments’ here in Florida, so I see a scene developing here quite soon. I hope that whenever you do come back to Florida we can definitely get some games in.

Thanks for the update pacho, whens the next tourney there?

we are discussing dates for the next tourney(s) at Next Level. we’ll definitely post it up here soon to get everyone on board.