Next Level Video Games just got a Street Fighter 2 cab (everett)


Next Level Video Games just got a street fighter 2 cab, so if you’re bored and happen to be in the downtown everett area stop by with some friends.
We’re right across the street from the comcast arena. The only thing i have right now to take pics is my crappy razor, so i apologize.

*edit, oops put the same 2 pics up.


Apology not accepted.


that makes me sad :frowning:


I’ll pop in, I live at Broadway and 13th.

Won’t be tonight though. I was going to come in and suggest you guys hold a SF4 tournament, having 4 set-ups would be a pretty killer tournament. Especially, the location is good to pop out and get some food/beer.


Yeah, I tell my boss a lot that we should hold a sf4 tournament, I think the reason he’s hesitant is probably because he has no idea how to run one. After the next cod tournament I’ll let him know I mean srs business and try to get one going.
Hope to see you sometime jalapNo.


Trust me, with a set-up like your guys’s, it’d run SWEET. I’d say post some pictures up of your tournament area and it will REALLY turn some heads. If you’d like some help/ideas on how to run one, I’m fine with coming in and explaining the basics to him on how to coordinate the tournament.

I don’t remember his name (its been awhile since I was in) but a guy who works there has the GamerTag AngryAnimeNerd, we played some casuals a few months back. Let him know I said whats up.


jalapNo, that would be sweet. You should stop by next time I’m working and we can work some things out for a sf4 tournament. I work tomorrow 1:30-6:30 or if you can stop by next wednesday 12:00-6:00. I’m going to bring my camera in next time i work so I can post pictures of our setup.


is that Street Fighter II as in “Street Fighter II”? hilarious.


Someone go over there and Handcuffs glitch it in front of a lot of people. :rofl: :tup:


My WW guile will fuck you up son

i don’t need no handcuffs


I’ll probably be stopping in on Wednesday after work, around 4:30’ish.


wow Street Fighter 2
awesome! :tup:


Damn sf2 ww… my childhood memory… Guile total pawnage… 1 basic stragety all you need. keep on low jab so the opponent can’t walk back and keep on throwing sb. I remember the most deadiest guile combo… jumping fierce, standing fierce, sb, and back fierce… diz and re-diz


Wait, Waxtaco… Do I know you some how? I swear I do.


Emanuel? You are Vintagekid? If so I met you at gameworks, you played a fine dictator, and I have you on my psn friends list. Are you friends with Dustin? I think i might have saw you at a party in Northgate last weekend.


Correct. You’re name is Isiah?sp Yeah Dustin is one of my best friends. Crazy I think I saw you from a distance at Tyson’s crazy ass party. I ALMOST brought the arcade sticks and sf4 to have a drunken SF4 session at Tysons lol. If you live in the Bothell/Mill Creek/Everett/Lynnwood area you should come by and play some SF4 some time. Good to see you on the forums. :tup:


jalapNo, thanks for stopping in today to discuss things about a possible tournament here, and helping me out. I appreciate it.



Just remember, there will always be hiccups with anything organized, but we’re all friendly so don’t sweat it.