Next Level

Although this may have been asked before, here goes.

I know a good bit of people on this forums are good SF players. I really want to take this game seriously now, so how did you guys get to the “next level”?
How did you guys take it from the casual everyday player, to the level where you are now?

I understand that playing alot and losing is required, but I honestly don’t feel a difference the next time me and my friends play. Granted I have little fundamentals of Street Fighter(mainly I can’t block very well, so I eat alot of combos).

So for you veterans, help me out here. Tell me how did you guys(personally) get to that next level of playing?

Thanks in advance for your time.

I basically started playing more and attending more tournies. Oh, and a lot of training mode for combos and whatnot. That’s pretty much all their is to it.

And of course, learning from your mistakes and analyzing what you did wrong in a certain situation helps a lot.

experience is a good help too, you need to fight against a lot of people, its recomendable to stick with one maybe 2 mains, at least for the begining, learn how to deal with other chars, other gameplay styles, know your match ups, know what is your char capable, dont worry as i said this comes with the experince, maybe be more analitic, if you can record your matches to see them later, and see what could you do try to learn from your mistakes, know what are your flaws, and try to correct them

Mastering the basics is essential. If you don’t block well, work on it. Work on hit confirms, combos, use normal attacks when appropriate. Don’t always use the strongest version of each attack, and go to a tournament.
That stuff helped me take my game to the next level.

“next” levels imo only come after you fix whats weak with your game. Steadily making your weaknesses your strengths is very vital.

Practice a lot and then get out there (online or a friend’s house) and play people. Arcade mode is no substitution for actual human competition.