Next SF game should decrease reversal windows and remove execution shortcuts


Pretty sure this has been posted before but I’m not on here often. Anyone feel the same way? I feel that Capcom fucked up and made reversal windows too big to make the game more execution friendly. They gave us 50 different short cuts for DP motions etc.

Mind u mashing DP motions during online play will beat combos/block strings 85% of the time given the lag, hell it even works offline if ur block strings aren’t tight. Main reason why a lot of the newer players cant play sf2 or ST since the older games don’t have none of that bullshit.


Not to bash on your post as I do agree with the shortcuts, but I’m kinda wishing people would just play the game at hand and stop worrying about what will, or could, or should happen with the next iteration. The game at hand is Street Fighter IV and not dash, or second down, double force. We can worry about what might be happening in the next iteration when Capcom gives actual detailed, concrete evidence that one exists. Again, not getting on your stuff, just a lot of similar posts in this forum.


you need the huge window because if you piano you’ll end up with EX shoryus instead of regular ones. ST allowed you to piano your inputs on reversals without it really mattering which one came out.

it’s way too easy to reversal teleport with the big window, though. the whole reason it’s been three buttons in the past was to make reversal ports harder. they may as well just make it one button.


I wish they did away with the shortcuts but made the frame window for links much more lax. I think that would do a lot more to make the game more accessible to more players without making it mash friendly.


I wouldn’t mind small corrections for very minor errors, but some of the shortcuts in the game are ridiculous. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try to attempt one move only to end up with another.


I think some of the shortcuts are pretty useful and should not be removed completely. But for the most part yeah there are just too many shortcuts.


shortcuts really aren’t an issue imo


You know, I’m pretty sure the reversal window is so big is to make it easier to armor break FAs on wakeup. If it was too tight, you can sort of guess what kind of abuses can be done to newbies or those that have bad timing and execution.

As for shortcut, it would be nice to have an easy/normal option like some games have.


double fire ball should be double fireball
srk should be srk.

that is all.


+1 to returning it to the way it was in the old street fighters, there was never anything wrong with the way things were controlled in 2, Alpha, and 3.
Game speed needs to be faster too, or atleast walk and dash speeds.

Shame the devs don’t read these forums ey? :frowning:


I read somewhere too that the reversal windows are to counter focus attacks when you get up. Makes sense but ya I hate trying to walk up fireball and getting a DP, or missing DP’s in HD remix because I’m too used to the stupid :df: :d: :df: motion now.

And ya, :r:+:hp: should never give a DP. Ever.


I only mind the shortcuts when playing with bison and a teleport comes out instead of ultra. Really had to get used to that crap.
And did anyone notice that there seems to be a “shortcut” for mash-motions like blankas electric thunder or chun’s lightning kicks?
I get those alot easier while in a combo. I really don’t like that one, but maybe it’s my fault for double-tapping too much.


I just wish they gave guile his SUPER flash kick shortcut.


remove all shortcuts please… because only non-charge characters benefit from them
i can’t mash a charge move to fuck someone’s combo/block string, this is quite unfair

also remove the auto correct on reversals… scrubs should guess/react correctly



and the shortcuts needs to go away… too many accidental shit happens. a lot.


Next game should have negative penalty enabled whenever mashing is detected. Having your meter wiped out for not executing the move just right oughta teach you young whippersnappers.


reversals in 3s works fine; you get ex every once in a blue moon but it’s not a big deal.


Imagine dat Gief with a smaller reversal window


thats 3s. sf4 u get em a lot. then again. i dont piano anything lol


Why not a patch for this SF4 game where you get an extra option in the configuration menu to select wheter you want “shortcuts” enabled or not? could be a very small download that please everyone, newbie or veteran, at the same time.