Next sf issue?

yo - i havent managed to pick up a copy of the new previews , but can anyone confirm if it lists a new street fighter issue…I’m already feelin the pain, another couple of months wait would be bad enuff, but more than that!!! cmon Udon, you cant really leave loong gaps between issues and expect all the readers to stick with it can you?? I know its a new story arc and will probably rock, but i want it to be soooooooooner than later :slight_smile:

you will see some announcement within the next few weeks…

patient is a vurtue

Hienz Ketchup. The best things come to those who wait.

It pays to be patient.


cheers udonenko, good to know wee’ll get news soon. As for u dudes yakking about patience, I dont think there’s much wrong with wanting a comic to come out at least almost monthly. I mean its basically gonna be about 3 months until the next issue. Thats like a 4 month gap at least between the last one and this new story arc. To me thats just a tad too long. I dont want to see this comic go under, it rocks, and thats where i get worried…i dont want readers to stop buying it and put its future at risk because of delays. I want the cool work udon has done to continue. Bring it on!!!

Soon :slight_smile:

so umm… will Rose have a bigger role in this next issue or issue 14??

Ah, finally some announcements! ^^ Wait for them I shall! ^^

Does the origin of Rose good enough for you? hee hee…

Sound’s freakin awesome to me!!!

So we know there’s an origin of Rose coming… and an origin of Vega(M.Bison in the US) …all I can say is mwahahahaha!

Shoots Sano with the bullet of justice ( Die evil fiend )


:lp: :lp: :r: :lk: :hp:


Patience young one. Waiting months for a new comic is nothing new.

Nice counter attack SANO! :tup:


the origin of Rose you say!! gives me goosebumps already:wow:

origin of Rose. Man, sounds good! I love that character! Good Times! I’m sure it will be well worth the wait!

The Rose/M.Bison connection has always been one of my favorite topics from the alphas. I’m definitely excited about this.

Orgin of Rose? Most excellent.