Next step to get better after learning bnb's and general match up knowledge


I know my bnbs and just want to get better. Are there any articles on when / why to use assists as thats something im having trouble with and feel would help me improve. In general, after learning bnbs and what options a character has how do you improve?


If you want specific help, you have to tell us what your team is first. However, some general things you can learn are mixups and/or resets, and defending against mixups and/or resets.


My team is wesker ( gunshot), wolverine ( b slash, I don’t use this assist much) and taskmaster ( horizontal shot). I know a few basic wesker resets and one wolverine reset but other then that nothing. I do change the team around with wolvie first so I can otg with gunshot.


With Taskmaster, are you using his horizontal arrows assist? If not, definitely switch to it. Both Wolverine and Wesker have fast cross-up moves (B. Slash and teleport) and therefore both benefit from a decent horizontal assist. I don’t think any of Wolvie’s assists are anything special, so don’t call him very often (unless you can use his assist in combos somehow). Wesker’s best assist is obviously the gunshot, which not only OTG’s but hits low. You might be able to set up some high-low mixups or unblockables using it, but I don’t really know much about Wolverine so I can’t say for sure if it’s possible or not.


Blocking is next


I think once you got your bnb’s down in any fighting game it pretty much comes down to how you would apply EVERYTHING you know to certain situations.

Get your defense up and learn to block better. You can never be “too good” at blocking. If you got a friend with a video card - record your shit and see what opens you up. Learn how to block it. Learn to tech better too.

Try and apply a lot more yomi in your gameplay. Look out for what things they repetitively try to pull out on you and how you can counter/convert from those counters.

The most important thing to me though after being completely comfortable with a game comes down to decision making. Do you really need to DHC, level 3, or TAC just to kill? What is the safest route possible? If he pulls something out of his ass and it works, do i still have a chance? Did i xfactor in time or at the correct time?

Plus I’m pretty sure there are a lot more ways than one to confirm a combo so ilI would definitely hit the lab up and try to see what else i can convert shit from. Spacing is also very important. What normals or moves have the highest priority in your team?

I am extremely new to ultimate, but these are just things that I have picked up while playing third strike for the x amount of years. I try to apply all of my general/fundamental knowledge from that game to every fighting game i try to play now.

Learn how to play under the most undescribable amount of pressure and how to accept your losses.

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I have around 900 games or so under my belt, 6th lord, so Jedilink I’m very aware of all that with what assists I should use and how to combo off b slash. However I’m not entirely sure my assist calls are always spot on, generally just when I’m going in but even then I’m full screen and usually can’t convert. On the other hand Nara that was very good advice. I can know air to ground combos with the 3 starting from jump heigh but not super jump ( barring wolves dive kick).


Sorry. When someone makes a help thread, I just assume that they know very little about the game yet unless they specify otherwise.


blocking and teching air grabs… there are some characters that can kill off an air throw like dr. missiles, nova, akuma…

unfortunately there are also scrubs who only know how to open ppl up with air grabs and always mash —> H… learn how to punish that


I met this guy once that played Wesker and all he did was mash forward and heavy. (Gunshot --> teleport --> j.H) x infinity + option select throws. It was a surprisingly good strategy.

Also Dr Missiles lol


6th lords do know very little about the game… also if you have 900 battles under your belt and you’re still at that rank, you need all the advice you can get.

I just recently reseted my record 6 months after the game released to see how I would do now that I know the game and match ups a bit better even though I still suck. However I play an extremely cheap but effective team and know how to deal with most of the BS that online players do like raw teleports, xxxxx character with drones, etc.

Needless to say I have 190 battles so far and Im already at 5th lord so yeah, that guy needs to be a bit less arrogant.