Next Stop: EVO--June 26, 2010--Tampa, FL


Brandon Crossroads Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
PHONE: 813-315-9895

Console: xbox360 Games SSF4 and HDR
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (All Finals are 3/5 games)
BYOC (Bring your own controller/converter/joystick)
No banned characters in super/Akuma in hdr/Outfit 11 & 12 banned in SSF4
Winner must keep their character/ultra, loser can change character and/or ultra
No macro/programmable/turbo controllers are allowed!! No 3x PPP or KKK
100% cash payouts 70/20/10

Door Fee: $5 comes with ticket for a free coke and bag of chips
SUPER Street Fighter 4(360): $10
SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix(360): $5

Saturday, June 26
Doors open at 2pm for casuals
SSF4 tournament starts at 3pm SHARP
HD Remix starts at appr. 5pm

We want this tournament to run smoothly and quickly. Respect for one another and the Play N Trade establishment is expected and failure to do so may be cause for disqualification.


No 3x PPP OR KKK. Psh. Next you’ll tell me I can’t use turbo.

EDIT: Sup with the late start time?


good shit, hdr is 5 bux and later in the day!!!

i might come by.

maybe… :bgrin:


Starting late so no one has excuses and with 4 to 6 setups it won’t take long at all. Damn i knew i should of specifically put carey can’t use turbo buttons.


sexcellent time to get raped on stream again


I might make it. I will be coming in on a red eye at like 9 am that day


Hopefully I can make this


Sweet! VS Corps will try to make this one!!


I’ll play anyone 2/3 for their chips and coke.




Things are shaping up to look like I may be there


I’ll be there by 5pm.


no fappers!!!


btw, you guys streaming? i’d like to have it playing alongside the world cup at my job.

edit: ps, i’ll get all the fapping out of my system before i arrive. :bgrin:


**BUMP **for tomorrow!

Hoping for a decent turnout


“no turbo controllers” means no using turbo right

i mean i can use my SE right >_>


I’m Hype for the Stream!!!


Yes, just not the **Turbo **function.

More importantly, who all’s playing HDR tomorrow?!


GGs to everyone that showed.

Congrats to Pilgrim for winning his first tournament (albeit HDR)!