Next Survivor Tournament: teams only


For those that enjoyed Survivor X, the Latest tournament is roughly a week away.
Rurouni Taikai Legends (the title Rurouni Taikai is given to side tournaments) begins October 5th, and drafting is still running.

Though note that things are a bit different. First, you can’t go solo. Everyone must partner up into two player teams. Furthermore, the chosen characters for your team must be fictional rivals(examples: Ryu and Ken, Scorpion and Subzero, Ryudo and Melfice, etc). Though other then the rivalry rule, there’s no limit to selectable characters.

The rest of the info is in the drafting thread, so those with some extra time are welcome to join us. Team up with a friend(or a complete stranger :stuck_out_tongue: ) and get ready for the next big throw-down. Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:


Drafting began already? Crap! I’ll be later today. Count me in though.


Is anyone from her participating? Cos I need a partner!


Um… I said that I was above you. However, I think that there will probably be a few others to see this tomorrow.