Next Xbox to ban used games?


Just](‘’) one of the articles I’ve found on this rumor.

Honestly, if Microsoft goes through with this, I will lose what little respect I already have for the company. I understand that they are a business, and as a business the used game market hurts them finacially. But to go this far is just comepletley absurd.

Imagine this: Purchasing a new game for 60 bucks (63 usually, with tax), beating it, getting all the achievements, and now you have little next to no use for it. Now, instead of putting it on eBay or even giving it to a friend, you have to THROW IT THE FUCK AWAY or just let it collect dust in your collection.

Does anyone else find this scary? The value of a 60 dollar purchase becoming 0 as soon as you open the plastic? If this does go through, then after Halo 4 I am officially done with Xbox.

Already a thread on this. Right on the first page of GD too.

XBox 720 To Ban Used Games? First fuckin page son.

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A paradox indeed.

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