Next year, you must eat HERE

Chicken and Ribs in Asuza.

Take 57 N
Take 210 W
Exit Grand Ave, go left
Turn on Route 66. I forget whether it’s right or left =(

Look for the sign

OMG the best bbq chicken and ribs I’ve ever had. 4 bucks for drumstick/thigh/2 bigass beef ribs, rice, slaw, roll.

It tastes like eating fire and it’s fucking amazing.

Nah. The Dennys up the street is where it was at :lol: Their tuna sandwhich was yummy.

dang i live here and i’ve never even heard of it. i’m gonna check it out next week. thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

i’ll stick with random filipino restaurants like manila sunset thx

Little Fucking Caesars!!! A large pizza for 5 zenny ownz your ass for free!! DO IT!

lol this nagga said 5 Zenny…are we on DragonBallZ KLT??? Lol…thats some funny shit man.



OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THERE WERE FILIPINO RESTAURANTS THERE??? OMG!!! Damn it I could’ve lived off for 4 days on those instead of pizzas ; ;.


I’m gonna go and try that place out. I’m a big fan of ribs.

I believe Zeny is from HxH~

best place to eat on campus was HANDS DOWN the vista cafe. that place was open ALL WEEKEND (yes, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, etc etc etc), the prices were reasonable, and they made like cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken sandwiches, deli sandwiches, fries, and they had chips and drinks and all kinds of stuff that you would find at a convenient store at reasonable prices. i ate there for like $5 everyday.

for those who didn’t have the option to drive off campus (ie me), this place was a lifesaver. good thing the mexican food truck wasn’t there, because otherwise i would’ve had a heart attack from 3 bacon cheeseburgers and fries per day like last year. it was nice to have good food at a good price within a 2 minute walk from the gameroom.


Your ass sho was eating it just like the rest of us though sucka :lol:

Zenny is too hot by the way. And its from BoF :smiley:

denny’s was aite. except that the owner is a total jew, especially when it came to Ekin and Justin’s fries and Billy’s hamburger bun…

FUCK ALL THAT, where can a nigga get some Fucking PHO damn it

fuck thayt subway alllllll the fuckin way…

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles.