Nextus Revolt! The Casuals/Tourney in SoCal Thread

Ok, I decided to open this thread up in hopes of starting a gathering either monthly or bi-monthly (I know folks out here are spreaded out and work and go to school alot), hopefully at a hotel or some sort of establishment to hold these gatherings. A friend of my in VA also started this up on the East called “757 Lock Down”, so I thought I would try to do the same. I don’t want to get into too much detail about it, but here’s the basis of the idea:

Find a hotel (or motel; whichever you guys prefer) and rent about 2-3 rooms, and set them up with systems (i.e. PS2, Dreamcast, Wii, etc.); if you want to bring an extra T.V then so be it…

If you want to have your own room to spend the night, you’ll have to get your own room obviously (unless they’re extra beds in the rooms and they aren’t already called for :bgrin:)

We can do a cover charge (probably $1-2 dollars) to purchase snacks, food, etc. but if you want to bring your own food thats cool too. We can also use this cash for funding for tourneys (prize money baby yeah!)

Any other ideas? I’m just throwing this out there and hope for this to catch on and actually make this happen. Like I said, I know people have busy schedules with schooling and work, so with your guys’ help we can plan this accordingly!

Hope I get some feedback and hopefully make this happen!

Hahaha and if you can think of a better title for this thread then let me know lol…I tried to be dramatic :bgrin:

So the cover charge of $1-2 would cover the cost of the room?? Are you donating to the cause or something? Because that’s a STEAL! :bgrin: I’d be there in a jiffy

i host weekly- bi-weekly casuals at my house and have no problem with new peeps coming down.
if your interested

your idea sounds very interesting and i wouldnt mind participating in this

sounds like a good idea!

hey moltron, I live here in van nuys too. CVS2 or 3rd strike?

Cool I started getting replies! Ok I’ma answer your questions:

Gamingsage: The cover charge would really be for mainly prize money when holding the tourneys (hoping that more people will contribute if this event was to happen!). My friend back in VA also used it for purchasing snacks/pizza etc., so I’ll have to ask exactly how he did it. As far as getting the actual room, if you want your own room your on your own buddy! I’m down for getting at least two rooms and if you or your buddies would like to contribute to purchase more rooms then thats all on you. Or actually we could all just pitch in for rooms as well…the idea is still a diamond in the rough so if your have any other suggestions let me know.

Fevor: I suck at 3rd strike man and I just started playing CvS2 (again), but I play whatever. I have a ton of fighting games myself so its hard to keep up with them all. But I’m down to playing some casuals with you :). Its good to know that someone lives close to me who also plays!

Lovepig78: Yeah thats cool man I would love to hang out and get some casuals going. With your weekly/bi-weekly gatherings at your house and this event’s monthly (or bi-monthly) gatherings, folks will be kept on their toes for real.

Like I said guys this is still in the works but I want to get folks together on this, so if you have any other suggestions let me know. I need all the help I can get! :slight_smile: And let your other peeps know about this too!

I’m thinking about making this an “every 6 month” event tourney instead, but its just a thought. Let me know what you think of that!

put cvs2

and ill put money

bring some bitches and I’ll bring the dick.

Come on man you know CvS2 is a given! You know that shit will be there!

Shit man if you know any bitches that’ll sit and watch us play then bring them too…I’m sure all the guys are bringing their dicks lol:smokin:

Make sure the places we rent have tvs that we can connect to.

I’ve stayed in hotels in Vegas where we couldn’t hook up our Snes because the cable was bolted onto the tv.

Yeah thats understandable; I know of one hotel that lets you connect to their tvs but the rooms are $79.99…:crybaby:

Of course I’m up for it, my only issue is getting there, whever it is. I’d need a ride from someone, but no one(that plays AH) lives near me.

So what would be a good place even? I have no idea where to start

MAn where is Cerritos by the way? We would have to eventually come up with a place thats in-between where everyone is staying…thats the most logical idea but it’ll take forever to find out where everyone stays at :frowning: like I said this plan is still in the works…I thought of the idea but I never ran anything like this so that why I’m hoping for more input.

I suppose it can be just a simple casual get-together for now…the cheapest hotel that I know of is the Comfort Inn; its like $59.99 for a room and its down here in Van Nuys. Anybody else have any other suggestions?

Why not just pitch in for a hall of some sort?

I’m sure they won’t appreciate the noise coming from several rooms.

  • there must also be a limit of people in a room at once.


Good idea…where could I find one at though? I’m still getting use to the area around here; been living here for about 6 months now. See now we gettin somewhere lol

Damn, I made a nice post just now. SRK logged me out during, and now my post is gone b/c I screwed up on copy and paste.

Short and sweet re-cap:

Start small and get to know your local gamers via someone else’s host over their house OR a host over your own place OR a little shindig at a good local arcade (FFA?).

My experience with 757Lock-Down was cool, but:
-the hotel called our room later that night with a noise complaint

A good thing that came out of it was that someone else liked my idea and started hosting a Lock-In (1st one this Saturday) to be held at a gaming venue in the area with good space and ample big-screen tvs and connects. I started it with my little resources, and someone else with more picked it up and is trying to run with it. You never know what will happen.

edit: most hotels offer a conference room that you can sometimes get deals on if you get enough people for your event (a la EVO but at a grander scale)

Oh wow…I should have known better than to try to do it at a hotel, being there noise complaints and whatnot. Thats what everyone else is telling me too lol. But I suppose its best to get to know some kats too; hopefully I can get this thing started in July or August when you come visit so you can have some comp here too!

Like I said before folks this is not set in stone and is still being wowrked out so if you have any ideas on the subject let me know and I’ll make sure to implement them! Thanks to judge_rl for the support! (And uhh…koh-ne-nah! inside joke lol)

Got an update:

Recently found a hall near where I live that can be used for the gathering. I have the number and everything so I’ll call to see whats up with it and how much I need to pay to rent it out for a couple of hours. Its in Van Nuys on Kester and Carmillio (I hope I spelled that name right lol). Now just need to gather the people…hmmm…

What’s the actual address? I can contact several people once I know details.