Nextus Revolt! The Casuals/Tourney in SoCal Thread

I wish I could go, but everyone is just way too far.

Thats all I got for now man I’ll have to check out the place again to get the actual address; but its close to me (I’m talking about walking distance close lol) I’ll definitely let you know though:rock::tup:

hehe youre gonna need a lot more than just a couple hours.

Might as well throw a tournament if youre gonna have it (im guessing) all day

Yea if it’s only for a couple of hours it wont be worth it, though a tournament could be the better option if time is a factor. I still think we just need to find someone who can host at their pad who doesn’t mind having new players over. Mostly someone in or around the LA area so the drives aren’t too crazy with gas prices and all.

I could host once a month at my place. living room is enough for like 8-10 people I guess. and the time has to be like from 1pm til 9pm cause of the noise and stuff. let me know if someone is interested, oh and am a big CVS2 fan :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m interested of course:rock: Fervor you stay close to me anyway so I’m always down (we still need to meet by the way lol)

As long as everyone is open minded on trying other fighting games as well…I haven’t really played CvS2 since it first came out on PS2 in the states but I’m willing to get my ass whupped :rofl:

As far as using the hall, I’ll still keep that into consideration; Once I get to meet all you guys and we agreed to really set this thing up, then I’ll do the preparations (with some help of course).

Fervor - If your down for doing a gathering than I’m interested as well. I can get a couple of people to probably come by as well besides me and Master Giby. Just post up a date a couple of weeks in advance so everyone can adjust their planned schedules.

Ok folks as it stands, Nextus Revolt will still happen, just in the building stages right now. For now, this thread will revolve around doing regular gatherings; but its for all fighting games not just certain ones (all the good ones anyway lol)! Thanks!

lol of course.

ok, now we just have to organize this thing. first, we need to know what games we are going to be playing. we can play any game you guys want, we just need the console and the game, cause I have nothing but 1 TV. like I said the living room is pretty big, so it can easily acommodate 3 tvs. anyway, let me know what games you guys are interested and we’ll get this thing done.

Does your one TV have S-Video capability? I have games on my MAME on my laptop and its able to connect to the tv via S-Video (I also have the controller converters for it as well, PS2)

I would like to play some KOF, Arcana Heart, and Melty Blood (once I get the PC version anyway; I ordered it two days ago so it should be here sometime by next week yay!). Those are the only fighting games I’ve been playing lately, but I’m down for playing other ones too. I’ll be able to bring the games I don’t know about a tv though (unless someone’s willing to pick me up and the tv; its a 20 inch flat screen). Let me know whats up!