NFBA emulator and related stuff

(Hope nobody minds me starting this. There is a unique thread for this, but it’s on a different forum, and it seems clear to me that without one here, we’re just going to get a smattering of NFBA stuff in multiple threads, so this should help with organization.)

This is intended to be a place for consolidated discussion of NFBA and anything related to it. You can download it at:

Edit: I’ve written a really basic Getting Started Guide for the Super Turbo game league. Despite the fact that not all of it applies to people who don’t play ST or in that league, I guess it might be of aid to people looking for help on how to get NFBA working.

Couple questions of my own:

1.) Garbled sound – Anyone had luck fixing this and have tips? Is it as easy as just messing with a few settings in the audio menu? Maybe you can save a lot of people a bunch of time troubleshooting.

2.) Lag compensation – The readme says, “the drivers supporting lag compensation can also run with normal lag and this should be configurable on the netplay client.” So it’s on by default unless the host checks the “Use Traditional Delay” button, right?

on a related note. how do you record to .avi after you record your game in krec. i tried camtasia and it gives me poor fps. what the deal?

  1. sound hasn’t been optimized yet. O746 mentioned something about running sound on a separate thread, feature yet to be implemented

  2. right

drobizh: use Fraps @ 60fps. make sure you select Enhanced (Direct3D 7) blitter and you run fullscreen (Fraps doesn’t recognize the app in windowed mode). record on 400x300 for almost no frame drops, it will look good even though res is so low.

ok records great. there’s no sound but i guess it’s not compatible with my soundcard (m-audio mobilepre usb) but it does recognize it. i might be wrong tho

sounds kind aannoying but i really prefer the emu to mame x 1000

Here goes my question. There is a chat tab that I don’t know how to get working. I read somewhere that it wasn’t finished but I also saw a download available on the main page that
has a really similare name and says completed. I downloaded it but it’s like it has nothing to do with the emu. Or am I just putting it in the wrong place. Well while I’m asking, does the record
option function the same as the last client ? I haven’t even tried it yet.

One thing I will say about this emu. is that it’s so good I had to relearn my timing. I was a rape victim the other day cause I couldn’t land a 360 if my life depended on it. I’m getting used to it now and I’m loving it even more.

i think the chat option gets you to IRC only. so, i’d say keep the for server and channel should be like #srkkaillera or something. that’ll take you to the srk channel to ask for p2p games.

not really sure why, but that kaillera link does not work for me… can someone provide another nfba download link, plz? Tnx for that.

same here. mame is a system hog, no doubt about it. i can use this emu after my computer’s been running all day and there is no slow down (not talking about online lag)

I can’t get it to work. It crashes everytime both players are ‘ready’

This might be a stupid and wrong suggestion, but do you have the emulator window minimized when you click on ready?

nah, they are both up

Is there a way to change player seats (like have the host be on the 2P side)? I can’t seem to find it in the documentation, and it’s not F5 like in Mame 0.64. Is it left shift-F5 or whatever like in Mame 1.17?

Is it because your system doesn’t recognize what a .7z filetype is? If so, try right-clicking and “Save Link As” followed by using a 7zip decompressor, or use one of the installer programs.

Just wanted to add my experience with FBA. I tried it one time and well, didn’t see a difference from .117 than the garbled sound once in a while. So, to me, its basically the same thing. But, my opponent says it uses up less CPU memory from his computer. So, I don’t mind using it if it helps my opponent out.

NFBA is so dope!

but I had a “bad” surprise today, I’m sometimes playing a guy in the UK (I’m in france) and it’s always hard to get a good connection with him… well we had to shift back to the first release of NFBA, otherwise it was choppy and a bit laggy.
Then it was ok.

Aside from that, and the lack of an option to disable CRC check (which would allow to play 3S online with custom palettes), I don’t see anything against it, pure pleasure…
(yes that’s a very personal and unimportant matter :wgrin: I know)

Ha,also I tried a few different games, and the surprise was that trying Samurai Shodown V, we got desynched quite often (but I’m not a fan of this one anyway…just reporting). I never ever saw desynch otherwise.

That was kinda my experience as well… sound a little weird, with the occasional freeze for no apparent reason (but at least it leaves you in the lobby).

I honestly can’t tell a difference as far as the special anti-lag goes, but then I’m lucky enough to usually be playing at 30-50ms pings anyway. I haven’t desynched yet other than when someone goes to type something, changes their mind and hits escape and minimizes the window, but then I rarely have desynch problems. The framerate is very good on my old computer, much better than Mame.

So yeah, mixed reviews from me so far.

well MAME started doing random things, is it just me? ive heard it happen to alot of people. Instead of HK it would hit lp and silly shit

bah honestly, it’s always been doing that for me with MAME (word was that Reps and Emulinker servers in general had some bug causing it) but I always had it playing through a server or in P2P.

Now that we have NFBA, I still have some random input from time to time… not as often as with MAME, but it still happens for me, anyone else experiencing that?

3rd Strike and Alpha 2 runs perfectly fine with me and my friend.

differences between nfba and mame are night and day. mame lags more offline than nfba does online with a good ping…

other than random garbled sound that lasts a minute, nfba >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mame