nfba question

How do I get nfba to play a game in 4:3 mode.

I have a widescreen laptop display and every game is stretched out. Even if i select display type and switch it to 16:9…its still stretched out.

Any ideas?

I use fba shuffle and it’s almost the same as fba

video --> monitor properties, then select 16:10

video --> fullscreen resolution, select your lcd screen res (you probably would have to select “other”)

video --> stretch, select “correct aspect ratio”

Now play your games in 4:3 :slight_smile:

he is probably playing nfba so he can play cps3 games. and i dont think you can change it to be 4:3

you can’t put cps3 games in 4:3? Why?

You can easily do this with Mame…

you can get it to 4:3. its just a little tricky. cps2 and cps3 games are natively widescreen games. probably has something to do wih it

I really don’t think this is correct

Just get fba shuffle and do what i wrote !!
This works on cps-3 (sf3), cps2 and all the other games i have tried.

CPS2 and CPS3 games are natively at widescreen resolutions, stretched down to 4:3. Arcade monitors aren’t widescreen.

You should be playing them in 4:3 to be accurate

only SF3:2N had a wide screen res available, AFAIK

2i had a widescreen option, yes, but all the games are still natively widescreen.

zoppa, while shuffle may seem to handle aspect rations better, nfba is used for one reason, “online.” its specially coded for lag compensation so its widely used. simply using another emulator is not the solution. and like i said, theres ways to get nfba to display 4:3.

plus the new nfba test version seems to already fixed this problem possibly

i use shuffle because i can’t even play online with nfba, just crashes all the time :frowning:
Maybe it will be fixed in a later version

test version? I’m using the latest verson from

I still can’t fix the issue…3rd strike is always stretched out. If I play with the settings sometimes I get horizontal black bars above and below the game.

What test version is out?

Yeah, I’m playing the latest version as well and the best picture I can get on a widescreen 16:10 monitor with all the tinkering is

which is still too wide and totally messes my spaceing. :shake:

it usually crashes if ur full screen and some other process run, i.e MSN messenger message

Here’s a temporary ‘fix’: Video -> Stretch -> Full Stretch. After that, manually resize the window horizontally.

Wow, thanks, Wiki. With different options active for different filters i missed that one. This should do for now. :woot: