NFL Opening day Super Casual @ York U on 09/07/2006

Like last year, I am organizing a big casual session at York University Cove on the opening day of the NFL season.

DATE: Thursday September 7th

TIME: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

GAMES: Whatever you feel like playing

This isn’t a tournament. It’s just an opportunity for everyone to get together and play with all of the new York U students that will be hitting up Cove before classes get heavy. It’s also a good chance to get new players into the scene for the future.

I will be in contact with local management to have all machines repaired and in working order.

I hope to see all the regulars at York U.

time to go back to york!! finally!!

be there after work.

be there at 230 or im dead or incarcerated.

Don’t forget your essays!

i’ll be at waterloo cove on that day

working at RIM :slight_smile:

tv + madden / mb.

snakes on a motherfucking sauga.

who will be going, and at wat time?
btw the last time i was at cove was last week and the none of the machines (3s & cvs2) had playable joystick. Marvel and several other machines r missing

I’ll probably be there. My plan is to get a giant win streak.

yay york count me in

marvel’s gone?

If someone can confirm that they’ve got a Marvel machine with all the characters, I’ll show up.

Nobody confirm.

YES!! I got the most ghetto tactics in that game. Eagles FTW!

i will show up as well , classes finish at 4:25pm, so i should be there a couple seconds after that. i will try to bring along some friends.


still no updates on york cove with a healthy marvel cab ?

and … is there no september tourney or is this supposed to fill that gap ?

The Marvel cab we took from York U for T7 is no longer at ORBIT so I can only assume they have put back or will put back that particular board sooner before later.

There is a tournament tentatively schedule for 09/16 but I’m not directing it so you’ll just have to wait for the director to make the post as he sees fit.

There will probably be a tourney on September 16th. I will post as soon as someone agrees to run CvS2.

Tourney confirmed for September 16th.